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OnlyFans owner gains $0.5 billion with Ethereum investment 

OnlyFans owner gains $0.5 billion with Ethereum investment  4

OnlyFans owner received $485 million in the last 12 months because of the investment in Ethereum.

OnlyFans is a popular internet content subscription service based in London. The services of this platform are mainly focused on the s3x workers who produce p0rn content but it also hosts the work of other content creators. Also, huge numbers of fitness & music content creators deliver content on this platform. US-based Ukrainian Leonid Radvinsky acquired this company in 2018. 

For the first time, this company topped $1 billion in revenue in 2022. Leonid is also a big investor in other fund manager firms. Recently a firm sent $485 million to the OnlyFans owner as a dividend.

The firm reportedly invested in Ethereum (ETH) also and the majority of the dividend portion came from Ethereum investment. 

OnlyFans, growth, & Crypto

In the last 12 months, OnlyFans secured 50 million new users & 1 million new creators on the platform. In short, the company secured a nearly 17% increment in the overall demand across the internet world over the last year.

In Q3 2021, this adult content platform reportedly faced huge problems with its payment service partners, as MasterCard & Visa-like platforms terminated their services for all p0rn content-related platforms. 

At the time, many OnlyFans creators suggested the OnlyFans platform to adopt Crypto payments as a decentralised payment solution, to bypass any kind of such centralised payment restriction but the company officially denied the suggestion & brought some changes to reduce the content’s s3xuality levels. 

Now people are again speculating that OnlyFans may consider bringing crypto payment support on its platform in the near future.

Now it will be interesting to see the official response by the OnlyFans team over such suggestions. 

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OnlyFans owner gains $0.5 billion with Ethereum investment



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