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Twitter will launch X-Coin: Rumours

Twitter will launch X-Coin: Rumours 2

A new rumor surfaced in the Crypto community that Twitter (now X app) will launch X coin for the X app users. 

Twitter is a popular social media platform for the crypto industry. In Q4 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion & further rebranded Twitter’s brand name to X and aimed to bring almost every type of online service to the X ecosystem, so that people can use all types of services at one place.

On 31 July 2023, A Crypto Twitter user claimed that Twitter is going to bring a new token for Twitter users. According to this crypto enthusiast, Twitter developers will soon bring crypto assets & digital collectible services to the Twitter app. 

Earlier in Dec of the last year, a web developer shared a screenshot of the Twitter coin concept, which came to light after reverse engineering in the Twitter software code.

At the time people claimed that Twitter will support Dogecoin as a Twitter coin. 

In the latest rumors, people claimed that Twitter will distribute rewards to Twitter users for spending time on Twitter, in the form of Twitter coins. 

Neither Twitter (X) & nor Twitter owner Musk talked about this plan and this is only a rumor & assumption but here we can’t ignore such claims, as Tesla CEO loves Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum and also he wants to bring almost every kind of user services in Twitter app. 

Some crypto Twitter users claimed that Twitter may bring only a token that will not run on any crypto or blockchain network and also people will be restricted to use that token across the Twitter ecosystem.

Here people should not react strangely following this news, as the Twitter app already launched the Bitcoin tipping feature in 2021 under the leadership of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

Note: Here Twitter app means X app and here we used Twitter word instead of X app, to maintain clarity of the information to our readers, which are used to listen Twitter word.

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Twitter will launch X-Coin: Rumours



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