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Bitcoin analyst says September may not be a great month for crypto

Bitcoin analyst says September may not be a great month for crypto 7

Benjamin Cowen shared his Bitcoin & Crypto analysis with followers & confirmed that he is not optimistic about September 2023.

Benjamin Cowen is a popular YouTube channel with over 786k followers globally. In 2019 this channel was started by Benjamin Cowen to teach people about Bitcoin and crypto. This Crypto analyst also remains active in the Crypto X (Twitter) community and currently has 764k followers.

On 1 Sep 2023, Benjamin published a new crypto analysis video on his YouTube channel for the crypto market ups & downs in September 2023.

Benjamin said that Sep is not showing a better indication for Bitcoin and it may be a worse month for this top market cap asset.

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“September just tends to not be a great month for crypto. Bitcoin – you can see – it averages negative in September, by a long shot, much worse than any other month,” a Bitcoin analyst said.

According to this Bitcoin analyst, the trade price of Bitcoin may face a correction by 10% & hit $23,000. 

The current trade price of Bitcoin is $25,816 & this trade price is 0.88% down over the last 7 days of trade price. 

Bitcoin analyst says September may not be a great month for crypto 6

On the altcoins market, the Crypto analyst believes September may bring some positive outcomes.

Furthermore, Benjamin dragged attention toward the US presidential election 2024 and said that election year will bring several ups & downs, as election results don’t remain certain before the end of the election game.

Bitcoin-friendly US Presidential candidates

In the present time the majority of the US presidential candidates are supporting Bitcoin, to grab support from the crypto sector at a big level. 

Some candidates started accepting donations in Bitcoin, as a part of their corresponding political campaign program. 

According to the majority of Bitcoin proponents, 2024 will bring Bitcoin friendly president to the US & In that situation, the crypto-hater American financial regulator the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) will not be able to show enforcement action against innocent crypto companies and, also will try to bring a set of new laws to regulate the crypto sector under clear rules & regulations. 

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Bitcoin analyst says September may not be a great month for crypto



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