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Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki says crypto is the future 

Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki says crypto is the future  6

Once again Robert Kiyosaki slammed fiat currencies, amid crypto-related events in Singapore.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial author, who is popular in the whole world because of his best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad. His book is available in a dozen different languages, widely used in the majority of the population in the world. Kiyosaki is a big supporter of Silver, Gold, and bitcoin (BTC). 

On 17 Sep 2023, Robert Kiyosaki took to X (formerly Twitter) once again for 2.4 million followers to remind that Crypto is the future and fiat, which is fake money, is toast. 

Kiyosaki passed this statement amid ongoing huge numbers of crypto-related conferences in Singapore. In this & last week, the TOKEN2049 conference grabbed huge attention in the crypto sector which is offering meetups, workshops, and various side events, including Formula 1 Racing.

This crypto conference has the vision to bring better communication between crypto proponents & Crypto companies, to turn Singapore into a hub of digital innovations. 

Kiyosaki & Bitcoin

Kiyosaki purchased 60 Bitcoins in 2019 at a trade price of $20,000. But when the trade price of Bitcoin crashed to $3,200, he considered that Bitcoin died but again Bitcoin recovered to $6,000. 

The whole Bitcoin up & down progress impressed Kiyosaki. Later Kiyosaki studied Bitcoin & found that Bitcoin is the best asset to invest money in, just like Gold and silver.

According to Kiyosaki, education is more important for people and people should follow wise steps to choose a teacher, which are available for free on YouTube. 

Kiyosaki always pushes people to understand the whole financial system which is not better with fiat currencies. According to this financial author US dollar & other currencies are fake money because central banks can print any number of the money supply as they want but Gold, Silver, and bitcoin assets are available in limited amounts in the world. 

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Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki says crypto is the future



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