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Google updates ads policy for “political campaigns using AI tech”

Google updates ads policy for "political campaigns using AI tech" 2

Google introduced some new changes in its advertisement policy to keep unethical political advertisements away from Google’s ads network.

Google (Alphabet Inc.) is a top-level internet search engine in the world and nowadays this company is more than a search engine, as this company manufactures mobile, robotic software, etc. Over the last couple of years, this company has shown a significant inclination toward the crypto & blockchain sector via its subsidiary Google Cloud.

On 6 Sep 2023, Google introduced some new changes to its Google ads service users. As per new terms & conditions, all advertisers belonging to politics are required to disclose whether they used AI created content for the advertisement or not. 

Also if any such political ads campaign is found to use AI to show unhappened achievements or events, which never happened in the past, then Google will take down the ad.

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“Ads that contain synthetic content altered or generated in such a way that is inconsequential to the claims made in the ad will be exempt from these disclosure requirements.”

This new policy applies to all types of ads belonging to image, audio, video, etc., and comes into effect from Nov of this year. 

On 5 Sep 2023, Google confirmed through a memo that it is going to make the company highly centred to AI technology. 

On 17 Aug 2023, the Google search engine adopted AI technology, so that Google search engine users can get more better & desired results.

AI & Misuse

Since Q4 2022 the race of AI tech adoption surged rapidly among the tech companies in the whole world. On the one hand companies are using AI tech to bring enhancement in their services & replace the employee’s strengths, to reduce expenses, on the other hand, there are huge numbers of people who are misusing this technology.

Some bad actors are creating fake audio clips, & deep fake videos to easily drag any person under the scam trap.  This situation is still better but may not be the same in the coming few years.

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Google updates ads policy for “political campaigns using AI tech”



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