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Meta (Facebook) announces ChatGPT rival “Meta AI chatbot”

Meta (Facebook) announces ChatGPT rival "Meta AI chatbot" 7

Mark Zuckerberg announced the Meta AI chatbot which will be available for Meta’s different online social media services. 

Meta is one of the top American companies, known for its multiple social media platforms e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, etc. In the past, Meta showed its significant Inclination toward the crypto sector & intended to launch stablecoin & crypto wallets but failed because of regulatory pressure.

On 27 Sep 2023, During the Meta Connect event, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Meta AI Chatbot, a highly advanced form of AI tool that can be used to perform several online tasks.

As per reports, Meta launched this AI chatbot in competition against OpenAI’s AI Chatbot ChatGPT. Meta took help from Microsoft’s Bing to create this AI chatbot, so that people can get real-time information available on the internet via Meta AI Chatbot.

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Zuckerberg said that Meta’s AI chatbot will behave like a personal assistant that will also respond like a real human to solve problems, as it was trained with more than 1.1 billion pieces of internet data.

According to the Meta CEO, Meta’s AI chatbot is different from ChatGPT & other existing chatbots because it will work uniquely for unique purposes.

This newly launched AI Chatbot will be available for a limited number of Meta customers in the US and will be launched on 17 Oct 2023 for all US citizens. People will be able to test & use this chatbot via Meta’s social media platforms uniquely, as a different model of its AI chatbot developed for unique works.

Before this meeting, the majority of the people were expecting that Meta may announce some big plans for crypto & blockchain-related technology, as these technologies play an important role in monetizing AI technologies & processing high amounts of data with full stability but nothing like that happened.

Now it will be interesting to see the adoption & use cases of Meta’s AI chatbot, whether it will fail or will succeed will depend on outcomes, response, & reviews by people.

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Meta (Facebook) announces ChatGPT rival “Meta AI chatbot”



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