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Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project

Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project 5

The government agencies in Kenya decided to kick out all the operations performed by the World Coin crypto project outside the country.

World Coin crypto project is a human identity verification blockchain network that is mainly focused on distinguishing between humans & bots amid the surging adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) in the internet world. To grab huge numbers of people under its human identity ecosystem, the World Coin team is giving nearly $50 worth of WLD coins to people for scanning their iris with World Coin’s orb device.

Recently an ad hoc panel of 18 Kenyan lawmakers has requested Communications Authority of Kenya, an IT regulatory body of the country, to crack down on Worldcoin’s operations.

It is worth it to note that Kenya already banned the World Coin crypto project in August of this year but still, people can access World Coin & its related services because of the decentralized nature of World Coin & freedom that people are getting from the internet.

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In the initial phase of the crackdown, the Kenya government raised alarm against the World Coin’s no policy for minor age Iris scanning mechanism & other privacy concerns.

So with the latest decision, the Kenyan Government will impose a fully strict ban on World Coin, so that people would be prohibited to interact with the services of “Tools for Humanity”, the back-end firm behind World Coin.

Here Kenya is not the first country which imposed a ban on this crypto project, already this crypto project faced regulatory pressure and cease & desist orders in other countries like Britain, Germany, and France.

In late August, a former World Coin project worker took to YouTube to disclose the dark game behind this project. That whistleblower said that World Coin’s human identity verification system was never secured over what the company promised.

The guy who disclosed the dark game of the World Coin project, now has been disappeared from the internet. His YouTube channel as well as his X (formerly Twitter) account is now private.

Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project 2
Source: X (Twitter)
Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project 3
Source: YouTube

World coin price action

The current trade price of WLD coin is $1.66 & this trade price is 45% high over the last 30 days of trade price.

Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project 4

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Kenya to crackdown World Coin (WLD) crypto project



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