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Financial guru Kiyosaki says infamous crypto entrepreneur SBF will fool court judge

Financial guru Kiyosaki says infamous crypto entrepreneur SBF will fool court judge 22

Robert Kiyosaki dragged attention toward the FTX crypto fraud case and noted that SBF is on the way to fool court judges.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial guru. He is world famous because of his self-finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which is available in 51 languages and officially more than 32 million copies have been sold. Kiyosaki is a big supporter of investment in real estate, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin (BTC). 

On 28 Oct 2023, Robert Kiyosaki said that infamous crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) easily fooled world-famous top investors e.g. Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, and CNBC’s Jim, including millions of crypto investors easily.

Kiyosaki said that it would not be strange for him if he fooled the court judges in the FTX crypto fraud case proceedings.

According to Kiyosaki, SBF is fooling people easily just like the Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary are fooling the world with monetary policies. 

Kiyosaki said that people need to know this situation and wake up to save himself from financial trouble that occurred because of bad monetary policies.

Kiyosaki always remains active on X (Twitter) to guide people to remain aware of the economy’s financial activities but this time he talked about SBF because SBF wisely represented himself in the court and his statements were able to easily show that he is innocent & everything that happened was an incident.

FTX crypto fraud 

FTX was the top second-ranked crypto exchange before Nov of last year but the exchange collapsed badly following a report by Coindesk media which exposed the company’s actual financial position.

Allegedly SBF misused the customer’s funds to fund his crypto hedge firm Alameda Research. Also, SBF used FTX customers’ funds to give to his friends & in high amounts political donations. 

Currently, SBF is in jail as he tried to interfere in the FTX crypto fraud case which was against the conditions of his bail. So far no fraud charge has been proved against him but it is expected that everything will become more crystal clear somewhere in 2024, as the former FTX executives are in full support of the court proceedings in the FTX fraud case, in order to help them to collect all the details & evidences to find the main culprit behind the whole game.

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Financial guru Kiyosaki says infamous crypto entrepreneur SBF will fool court judge



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