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Circle (USDC) refutes any claim of association with terrorist group Hamas

Circle (USDC) refutes any claim of association with terrorist group Hamas 4

USDC issuer firm confirmed that it has no direct or indirect association with the terrorist organisation Hamas.

Circle Technology is a popular stablecoin firm which is known for its highly regulated stablecoin USDC. This year, Circle went through several changes to maintain better control of the USDC-related financial activities while simultaneously maintaining the health of the USDC stablecoin. 

Recently in response to the accusations made by the Campaign for Accountability, the Circle’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dante Disparte, said that there was/is no direct or indirect involvement between Circle and any terrorist organisation. 

Dante said that Circle doesn’t provide financial services to any kind of related illegal activities, or any actor involved in suspicious activities.

One month ago, the whole crypto sector was criticised by crypto haters following the Israel vs Palestine conflict and the involvement of the Hamas terrorist organisation in that conflict. Allegedly Hamas used cryptocurrencies in millions of dollars worth of funding but later reports found that Hamas failed to use crypto at a very big level for funding.

At the time a non-profit group alleged that Circle played a role in enabling some terrorist organisations to access funding. 

Circle firm not only refutes such claims but also confirms that the USDC issuer company terminated all the accounts & financial services for Chinese crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun. 

Dante confirmed that the company terminated Justin Sun’s linked accounts as well as suspended services for his crypto firm Tron in Feb of this year. 

Interestingly Justin is currently under the radar of the US authorities over suspicious crypto-related activities and promoting unregistered securities digital assets in the jurisdiction of the US without any registration with corresponding regulatory bodies.

In the past couple of years, Justin faced several allegations of misuse of money power to get approval for the crypto projects unethically. While Justin every time denies any of such allegations. 

In Dec 2021, Justin stepped down from the Tron crypto project as a CEO and became a diplomat for Grenada. 

The last couple of years showed that he is still fully active in the Crypto sector. Some people claim that Justin became a diplomat for Grenada because he wanted to remain away from any legal hurdles in other jurisdictions. 

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Circle (USDC) refutes any claim of association with terrorist group Hamas



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