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Cardano Foundation CEO shares Cardano 2023 milestones & future vision amid crypto bull phase 

Cardano Foundation CEO shares Cardano 2023 milestones & future vision amid crypto bull phase  2

Frederik Gregaard explained how the Cardano blockchain adoption is continuously surging with multiple use cases, outside crypto-only applications. He also shared the next goals for the Cardano blockchain & vision of their efforts.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto network which is mainly known for its scalable blockchain & special blockchain coding which helps the Cardano network to process crypto transactions with full stability & security. 

The current trade price of ADA coin, the native token of the Cardano blockchain network, is $0.49 & this trade price is 33% higher over the last 3 months of the period.

Cardano Foundation is an independent part of Cardano Crypto project which remains focussed on pushing the development works around the Cardano blockchain ecosystem maintaining the growth of Cardano adoption under the regulated environment in different jurisdictions. 

In the Cardano Foundation’s “Activity Report 2023,” CEO Frederik Gregaard reflects on the organization’s progress and the collaborations that Cardano did with academic institutions. 

He said that Cardano’s collaboration with different sectors of institutions is proof that Cardano Blockchain is available to use for several sectors for their corresponding business operations.

Gregard also highlighted the improvement in the Cardano governance system, in which stake pool operator (SPO) polls can show a high level of engagement and can offer important lessons in governance and operations. 

Furthermore, he said that the Cardano Foundation’s efforts are fully reflected in the disproving misconceptions about blockchain’s applicability, showcasing its work with the Georgian wine industry and Merchandise as examples of blockchain’s broader utility beyond capital markets.

For future efforts & plans, the Cardano Foundation CEO said that they will focus on increasing the quality of verifiable credentials and robust infrastructure in the age of exponential technologies like AI and synthetic biology. 

Notably during the recent hype of Bitcoin spot ETF applications, after Bitcoin & Solana, it was Cardano which showed a big rally. The big rally in the trade price of ADA coin took place because of the hype that the Cardano blockchain grabbed because of AI focussed crypto projects on the Cardano network.

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Cardano Foundation CEO shares Cardano 2023 milestones & future vision amid crypto bull phase



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