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Robert Kiyosaki says “Bitcoin may be a Ponzi scam”

Robert Kiyosaki says “Bitcoin may be a Ponzi scam” 8

Robert Kiyosaki called Bitcoin a scam & Ponzi scheme but at the same time, he explained that this scam asset is better than fiat currencies.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial expert. He is mainly known for his self-finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Over the past few years, he has been a big supporter of Bitcoin, after Gold & Silver. Usually, he remains active on X (formerly Twitter) to explain how the economic downturns & bad management strategy of the economy by the central banks are impacting the financial capability of common men while simultaneously making rich people richer.

On 26 March 2024, Robert Kiyosaki tweeted a long Q&A post to explain his actual point of view on Bitcoin, so that people can understand very well why he supports Bitcoin.

Through the Tweet, Robert Kiyosaki said that he believes in Bitcoin and thinks it’s a great investment. He admits that some people think Bitcoin might be a scam, but he believes that regular currencies like the US dollar are more risky than Bitcoin.Kiyosaki is worried about the people in charge of the US government and banks, thinking they’re not good at managing money.Instead of keeping money in regular currencies, He suggests investing in things like gold, silver, or Bitcoin.The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad’s book is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future because of its strong network, but he warns that the network can be attacked & also suggests getting advice from experts in cryptocurrency and figuring things out for yourself.

Late Bitcoin buy decision by Kiyosaki

Earlier this, day ago, Kiyosaki said that he decided to buy 10 BTC before April of this year, as the Bitcoin blockchain network heading toward Halving.

It is worth noting that in the past many times, he said that he would not buy Bitcoin until it traded below $10k & this was the reason, unfortunately, Kiyosaki failed to get the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at the lowest $16k level in late 2022.
Here we can consider that Kiyosaki is now under some kind of big regret for not buying Bitcoin in the last bear phase.

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Robert Kiyosaki says “Bitcoin may be a Ponzi scam”



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