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Ripple CTO says “I’m more likely to be Satoshi than Craig is” 

Ripple CTO says “I'm more likely to be Satoshi than Craig is”  6

David Schwartz claimed that he has more evidence over Craig Wright to prove that he is the actual Bitcoin creator.

As we know, Bitcoin was invented by an unknown & anonymous person. However, the Bitcoin creator used his identity with a unique name “Satoshi Nakamoto” but no one knows whether this name was real or a randomly created name. Over the past several years, many people tried to show that they are Satoshi Nakamoto but they failed.

In the latest claim, Craig Wright failed to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig provided several pieces of evidence to show that he was the main actor behind Bitcoin creation but the court debate dismissed Craig’s claims. 

A Crypto X (Twitter) user said that even if Craig Wright loses this case, he’s still seen as the most likely Satoshi because COPA didn’t provide any evidence to suggest otherwise.

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Ripple CTO David Schwartz responded to this X user and said that this fact is nonsense because Craig wanted to prove he was Satoshi but couldn’t. Others haven’t tried as hard because they didn’t have to. So, he is more likely to be Satoshi than Craig is.

In short, Schwartz indirectly said that he has more evidence to prove himself the creator of Bitcoin, over Craig.

In a follow-up tweet, Ripple’s CTO further said that quoting anything related to Craig or Satoshi Nakamoto is not going to prove anything against the truth.

It is worth it to know that Craig Wright was very close to the Bitcoin creator’s engagement in the internet world for Bitcoin development and he used those factors to claim himself a Bitcoin creator.

Interestingly, a very old discussion between Nakamoto and another person revealed that Nakamoto was under immense tension regarding the legal status of Bitcoin. He expressed concern that labelling Bitcoin as an investment asset could pose legal challenges. However, he believed that over time, people would interpret Bitcoin’s status differently as it progressed.

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Ripple CTO says “I’m more likely to be Satoshi than Craig is”



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