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Another Solana meme token $GAMBCAT pumps 14,000%

Another Solana meme token $GAMBCAT pumps 14,000% 6

GAMBCAT became the latest popular Solana meme token, as the project team promised to list it on the major crypto exchange. 

Since Feb of this year, several Solana network-based meme tokens have shown a big pump in the trade prices. In short, we can say that the 2024 crypto bull came up with the trend of meme tokens. 

In these days, Gambling Cat (GAMBCAT) is gaining huge popularity. In the recent few days, the trade price of this meme token surged by 14,000%. 

Initially, this meme token was launched with over $6,000 of locked liquidity, giving it a unique advantage over the majority of other new meme coins, and early investors could make huge gains. 

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Currently, this token is available on only Solana network Defi crypto exchanges, like Jupiter and Raydium. Many retail crypto investors talked about this token and claimed that the pump in the trade price of this meme token is possible enough. 

As per a report by the Crypto news website Crypto Intelligence, GAMBCAT has announced its first centralized exchange listing, which will be on KuCoin. 

The team investigated more information about this crypto meme token around the possibilities of KuCoin listing but found zero evidence. 

Here we suggest all crypto investors remain aware of any meme or flagship crypto token, before self-study & investigation.

In April many Crypto enthusiasts talked about the surging popularity of meme tokens and said that it is a very disappointing thing that the majority of the crypto Investors are talking & investing around meme tokens, & they are not more interested in investing in those flagship crypto assets which are useful in the practical world applications. 

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Another Solana meme token $GAMBCAT pumps 14,000%



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