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Kraken crypto firm executive says “no plans to delist USDT stablecoin”

Kraken crypto firm executive says “no plans to delist USDT stablecoin” 4

Kraken executive officially talked about the speculations of Tether stablecoin delist probability & dismissed all the FUD. 

Kraken is a major digital assets exchange that allows users to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2011, this platform is known for its strong security, wide range of supported assets, and advanced trading features. Kraken also provides services like staking, futures trading, and margin trading.

Recently we reported that a report by  Bloomberg Media claims that Kraken crypto exchange planned to delist USDT stablecoin from the platform, to comply with EU’s MiCA rules.

On 19 May 2024, Kraken global head Mark Greenberg informed the crypto X community that Kraken crypto exchange has no plan to delist USDT stablecoin & also the support for USDT stablecoin remains available in future under the compliance of EU’s MiCA rules.

Kraken executive said that Kraken will follow even all those rules with which they disagree, to maintain healthy support for USDT stablecoin. 

Furthermore, Kraken executive noted that USDT stablecoin is important for all crypto investors, including EU investors. 

Here it is worth it to note that the Kraken executive showed his full support for Tether stablecoin but indirectly he hinted that there may be some issues over USDT support on Kraken, as the rules are not clear enough.

Following this latest statement on this matter by the Kraken executive, again a new discussion had been started among the crypto traders. 

A crypto X user claimed that Tether will not comply with MiCAR rules, so there is a full chance that it will face an issue, as from 30 June 2 of(the date of application of Micar for stablecoins). It means that the CEX will have no other choice than delist USDT.

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Kraken crypto firm executive says “no plans to delist USDT stablecoin”



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