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Now former US president Donald Trump holds $10M worth of cryptocurrencies 

Now former US president Donald Trump holds $10M worth of cryptocurrencies  4

Donald Trump secured a huge amount of unrealised profit with $Trump coin holding. 

Donald Trump is the former US president. Four years back, Trump was a big Bitcoin hater. To support the US dollar, many times Trump passed negative comments against Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. But now he changed his stance on cryptocurrency adoption & currently, he holds a decent amount of cryptocurrencies. 

On 27 May 2024, Arkham Intelligence reported that the valuation of Donald Trump’s crypto holding is currently $10 million. 

His 73% value of crypto holdings ($7.3 million) includes only Maga (Trump) coin, a meme crypto token inspired by the influence of Donald Trump. 

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We can see that Trump is currently holding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Trump, BabyTrump, & some other crypto assets. 

Here people need to understand that the majority of Trump’s crypto assets are given to him by crypto people in the industry.

Trump is currently taking crypto donations for his presidential campaign and reaching out to the crypto community via accepting donations in crypto assets.

Warning: All the crypto traders are requested not to buy the crypto tokens blindly, that are showing in Trump’s crypto wallet, because he (Trump) is only accepting crypto donations for his presidential election campaign, instead buying.

Donald Trump & Crypto people support 

In the last couple of weeks, the whole crypto community noted that Trump increased his inclination toward the crypto sector, to get vote support in the future during the presidential election. 

So far Cardano blockchain founder Charles Hoskinson & Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun openly showed their support for Trump, to bring a better environment for the crypto sector. 

However, the majority of the Bitcoin proponents shared their happiness over Trump’s bullish support for Bitcoin but some Bitcoin advocates claim long-term political support for Bitcoin may not be a good thing for Bitcoin.

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Now former US president Donald Trump holds $10M worth of cryptocurrencies



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