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Scammer hacks Crypto trader’s X (Twitter) account & pumps $ORDI coin 

Scammer hacks Crypto trader's X (Twitter) account & pumps $ORDI coin  34

An unknown hacker & scammer hacked an X account of a Crypto trader analyst & pumped the trade price of the Ordi token by 15%. 

Today the trade price of Ordinals Coin ($ORDI) surged 15%, from $38.1 to $44.1. later the trade price of this token retraced back. 

Scammer pumps Ordi token price 

An X (Twitter) user GCR, one of the most famous traders in the crypto space, informed his followers that his account was hacked, so ignore any kind of shared information through his X channel. 

Another Crypto X user noted that the recently shared information by GCR was something strange. In response, GCR said that someone was bribed at otherwise no one could access his X account. That means an employee from took money to disclose his account details. 

Popular Chinese crypto blogger Colin Wu reported that an unknown hacker hacked GCR’s X account and shared big predictions about the ORDI token price. 

This unethical job by the hacker acted as a catalyst to pump the trade price of the ORDI token sharply. 

The investigation found that the hacker was ready to make money via setting his position on OKX & Binance exchange in advance, just before 6 minutes of the time when he (scammer) shared fake analysis predictions regarding the ORDI token. 

Now Binance & OKX crypto Exchanges may play an important role in catching that scammer/hacker because they can match the name of users in their data panel, who successfully made huge money in the ORDI market with a large position in the reported time frame.

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Scammer hacks Crypto trader’s X (Twitter) account & pumps $ORDI coin



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