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Pantera Capital Hails Solana as the ‘Mac OS’ of Blockchain, Outshining Ethereum Despite Recent Price Dip

Pantera Capital Hails Solana as the 'Mac OS' of Blockchain, Outshining Ethereum Despite Recent Price Dip 6

Amid the high bearish moment for the cryptocurrencies, Pantera Capital showed full faith in Solana (Sol) Cryptocurrency.

Pantera Capital is a leading investment firm focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Founded in 2003, it provides early-stage venture, hedge fund, and token fund investments in the digital asset space. Pantera is known for backing prominent projects and offering insightful market analyses.

In the latest report, Pantera Capital praised Solana’s blockchain technology, highlighting its rising influence over the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a top-ranked smart contract-enabled blockchain network. 

The report compared Solana’s impact to Apple’s over Microsoft, calling it the “Mac OS” of blockchain. The report noted Solana’s holistic architecture, faster innovation, improved security, and smooth user experience. 

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Despite a recent price dip, Solana saw a surge in user activity due to excitement around Solana-based meme coins, accounting for 85% of new tokens on its platform. 

Solana spot ETF on the way

Just 3 days ago, 3iQ Digital Asset Management, a Canadian investment fund manager, announced it has submitted a preliminary prospectus for The Solana Fund (QSOL) in Canada for an initial public offering.

However, it is uncertain whether 3iQ will succeed in securing approval for this spot ETF product, but this latest crypto spot ETF has acted as a new catalyst for bullish sentiments around the Solana market.

Solana (Sol) price action 

Just a couple of days ago, the trade price of Solana faced significant turbulence as a part of the usual market downfall & briefly fell below $130 but is now trading at $134, up 0.24%.

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Pantera Capital Hails Solana as the ‘Mac OS’ of Blockchain, Outshining Ethereum Despite Recent Price Dip



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