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Popular newsletter vendor used by many crypto firms compromises: scam email warning 

Popular newsletter vendor used by many crypto firms compromises: scam email warning  11

Reportedly a big list of email addresses of crypto people leaked, and crypto executives warned people against suspicious crypto related emails. 

On 5 June 2024, Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of USDT stablecoin issuer firm Tether, informed his followers on behalf of two sources that a prominent vendor, whose name remained undisclosed to the public, used by crypto companies to manage mailing lists had been compromised. 

The Tether CEO warned people to remain away from any kind of scam or suspicious emails. 

Just a few minutes later, Bobby Ong, the founder & COO of popular crypto price tracking website Coingecko, confirmed this news and also admitted that the list of email addresses of Coingecko newsletter subscribers was breached. 

Coingecko’s founder confirmed that his team was investigating the level of this breach in collaboration with the email newsletter vendor team. 

Also, he suggested people remain away from any new token pre-sale, or any kind of Coingecko token emails, as the Coingecko firm has no plans for any token launch. 

A Crypto X (formerly Twitter) user reported that he started getting suspicious & misleading emails from those hackers and also he thanked the Tether CEO for a prior warning. 

Email security problems are common in the crypto industry. In 2023, TheSandbox, a Crypto metaverse company, warned users about a security breach used for email phishing. Other crypto companies like Nansen, Celsius, OpenSea, and Ledger have also faced similar issues recently.

Strange email account hack case 

Today popular Bitcoin hater & global economist Peter Schiff informed his followers that an unknown hacker successfully accessed his email ID &  changed his account name & password.

Schiff said that 2FA was already enabled in his account but still, that hacker successfully bypassed the security. However, later he successfully recovered & resetted his account password but the security incident dragged attention toward the high level of hacking techniques in the digital world of the internet era, where everyone claims to be advanced against cyber attacks. 

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Popular newsletter vendor used by many crypto firms compromises: scam email warning



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