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TONSquare: $TOS Tokenomic

The TONSquare token ($TOS) is designed to fuel the operations, governance, and growth of the TONSquare blockchain ecosystem. This document outlines the allocation and distribution strategy for $TOS tokens, ensuring alignment with the long-term success and sustainability of the platform.

Total Token Supply

The total supply of $TOS tokens is capped at 5 billion tokens. This fixed supply will be allocated as follows:

1. Node Operators and Key Holders – 75%

Allocation: 3,750,000,000 $TOS tokens.

Details: Tokens in this category are designated for Node Operators and Key Holders. Node Operators who are also Key Holders will receive a higher proportion of tokens as an incentive for their dual role in maintaining and securing the network. Key Holders who do not operate nodes will receive a lesser amount, acknowledging their participation but with a lesser responsibility in the network’s functionality.

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2. Community Incentive – 13%

Allocation: 650,000,000 $TOS tokens.

Purpose: These tokens are reserved for various incentive programs designed to attract and retain users and developers. This includes rewards for TON’s Holders and participating in the network, completing specific tasks, or achieving certain milestones that contribute to the network’s growth.

TON’s Holders reward: 150,000,000 $TOS tokens

System Tester reward: 100,000,000 $TOS tokens

Alliance Partner reward: 100,000,000 $TOS tokens

Early Stakeholders reward: 300,000,000 $TOS tokens

3. Ecosystem Development – 8%

Allocation: 400,000,000 $TOS tokens.

Usage: This portion is used to fund ongoing development, partnerships, and collaborations that enhance the TONSquare ecosystem. It supports the implementation of new features, community grants, and other initiatives that help expand and strengthen the platform.

4. Team – 4%

Allocation: 200,000,000 $TOS tokens.

Vesting Schedule: This token allocation will be locked 1 year and released gradually over the next five months. This ensures the project’s development trajectory and the team’s long-term commitment.

Distribution Mechanics

The TOS distribution process unfolds in two distinct stages:

  • Recognition Phase: TOS Square’s server meticulously registers the TOS Token balance of every account throughout the initial off-chain token issuance period. (Off-chain Token)
  • Distribution Phase: Subsequent to TOS issuance, users gain access to their on-chain TOS allocations through the accounts previously recorded in the system. (On-chain Token)


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