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Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to $55k, now what is next? 

Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to $55k, now what is next?  3

Currently Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing a strong contest between buyers and sellers. Buyers are working to keep the price between $56,552 and $73,777, while sellers are pushing to lower it. On July 5, sellers managed to bring the price down to around $53,500, but buyers stepped in and purchased at these lower levels. Currently, Bitcoin is priced at $55,764.

The current trade price of Bitcoin is $55,958 & this price is 3.7% down over the last 24 hours. In the last couple of hours, the trade price faced a very high downfall.

Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to $55k, now what is next?  2

It is worth it to note that Farside Investors reported that U.S Spot Bitcoin ETF products saw net inflows of $143.1 million on July 5, the highest in a month. Bitwise Asset Management CEO Hunter Horsley stated on X that investors without Bitcoin exposure have an opportunity to “buy the dip” because its future prospects “have never been stronger.”

Bitcoin’s recent drop has increased selling pressure on many altcoins, but some have maintained their strong support levels. These altcoins might drive the recovery if Bitcoin begins to rise toward $60,000. 

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The trade price of other top flagship crypto assets plunged drastically. ETH crashed 4%, BNB crashed 6.7%, Sol crashed 7.7%.

Experts believe the crash in the trade price of cryptocurrencies will continue until the government agencies will not stop selling their BTC holdings. 

Despite this bearish sentiment, a popular crypto analyst said that when the Volatility Index shows high volatility, it indicates that the second phase of Bitcoin’s bull market is likely approaching soon.

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Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to $55k, now what is next?



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