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Everything You Need To Know About Certik Crypto and $CTK token

Cyber security is a relatively new concept in the digital asset space. Similarly, when blockchain technology came into the limelight, many bad actors manipulated networks for personal benefits. This makes it essential to secure the crypto space to ensure faster adoption and recognition. While many firms hope to improve cyber security, Certik is one of the most popular ones. After Yale professors found the company in 2018, it has continued to contribute to the community’s well-being and security. In this article, we will be looking at Certik crypto to understand what the project is all about.

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Certik crypto

What Is Certik Crypto?

Certik is a startup that prioritizes blockchain technology leveraging artificial intelligence to monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. Experts have emphasized the need to improve security, making it crucial to find technology capable of helping networks stay optimized and secure. It’s safe to state that the team behind the technology hopes to secure cyberspace.

Is Cyber Security in Cryptos as well?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, mobile devices from attacks. When a system is not well protected, it may be easily compromised by an external body. This makes it vital to keep blockchains well-protected to protect investments and ensure proper functioning.

One of the most important reasons for prioritizing cyber security is to keep networks safe from malicious attacks. Thanks to the growing numbers of malware, experts have to beef up security for the growth of the digital economy.
Another reason for improved security is the need to protect user information. User information is often confidential. However, when hackers gain access to this data, they may release it to the public or sell it. This makes it vital to protect the susceptible ones’ information to ensure that users are safe and protected.

What Is Certik Chain?

Certik chain is a blockchain that leverages proof-of-stake for secure executions of applications, such as NFTs and DeFi applications. In 2019, Certik released the network after the news concerning the blockchain. To enhance the security of smart contracts, it utilizes the foundational verification platform at its core. The team behind the technology explained that with prioritized security, it hopes to maximize the potential of complex computing systems.

It is safe to note that there are three fundamental aspects of a blockchain: decentralized, scalability, and security. While many platforms have created means to ensure decentralization or even scalability, not many have prioritized security, which is fundamental to the platform’s growth.

To change the narrative, it has decided to focus on security. Without adequate security, even the best platforms can face challenges. When security has been prioritized, the platform enjoys expansion and growth. Similarly, developers may enjoy greater stability while programming because of its outlook on security.

Additionally, the team behind the tech assured users that they were in for the long term. And this means that they would provide security services to blockchains, which may also expand to other spheres of the digital world.

How Certik Interacts With Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programs that are often on blockchains. These sets of programs automatically execute commands or controls after the terms of a contract are met. Because these programs are self-executing, it is hard to manipulate networks or hack into systems.

Smart contracts are essentially a way to reduce intermediaries during the execution of a contract. Also, it may reduce malicious activities on the blockchain. Because a blockchain is expected to be very secure, it’s imperative to create a means for transparency.

On the Certik chain, smart contracts will have cryptography certificates to enhance security. Similarly, they may also check these proofs to prevent manipulation or compromise of any kind. However, contracts without a cryptography certificate would likely require a higher gas fee before execution.

How Certik Crypto Works

Certik claims to prioritize security in all stages of a transaction. One of the key instruments for protocol verification is Certik Virtual Machine, which checks how correct the program’s implementation is. This assures no bugs during the implementation to aid functionality and speed. Additionally, programmers can also access software to create a smart contract using DeepSea. Experts believe that DeepSea assures a higher level of security because security is proved within the system.

Components Of Certik Chain

There are different components of the Certik chain that aid the efficiency and functionality of the technology. These components are crucial for the smooth running of the process.

Business chain

The business chain is the targeted network that requires the services. Also, the blockchain has to be compatible with smart contracts. The security oracle interface is a means to verify and scrutinize DeFi applications. After the scrutiny, if the result is non-satisfactory, it will be broadcasted for fulfillment.

Certik Chain

This chain deals with managing and handling security-related aspects in the business chain. The system has numerous combinators that can solve different security issues. One of the essential kinds of a combinator is the oracle combinator. This focuses on fulfilling the general workload while ensuring transparency and decentralization. With this system in place, it can sieve the bad from the good, ensuring users enjoy improved security.


To ensure optimum security, it must communicate effectively with networks outside the chain. The cross-chain functionality will be built and handled by the community for decentralization. Similarly, the chain needs operators, contributing to the improvement of the community. When you want to be an operator, you may need to inform the community of your plans.

When Did Certik Start?

Certik is a startup founded by some Yale and Columbia University professors in 2018. It primarily focuses on securing the system by leveraging verification technology to scrutinize smart contracts and other protocols in a blockchain. Also, the technology has grown popular amongst developers, making it one of the most trusted security-focused companies.

The startup has some well-known investors, such as Binance Labs and NEO Global Capital. Certik’s primary goal is to ensure transparency and security, particularly in matters relating to blockchains. Because blockchains are relatively new in the system, it may be challenging to provide the right services to meet the needs of every user. Still, Certik believes that networks can benefit mainly from a secure network.

While Certik is presently focusing on blockchains, it hopes to diversify and provide helpful services to other aspects of the cyber world. Today, Certik has become a leader amongst other startups in facilitating security services for businesses that need support in that area. It boasts of being one most prominent security startups in America, having close to 2,000 clients while securing assets worth billions. This process has corrected thousands of vulnerabilities capable of leading to asset loss.

What Is $CTK Token?

CTK token is the native currency of Certik chain, assisting the execution and implementation of transactions. The coin essentially fuels the growth of the Certik community and has also appreciated over the past years.

CTK Token Use Cases

Use Cases are essential parts users consider before buying an asset. CTK has the following use cases:

Gas consumption

Gas is a fundamental part of transactions, particularly in the digital asset world. Without sufficient gas, some transactions may not be successful. Thankfully, owning a CTK token may help you reduce gas consumption. When you pay less for gas, you get better value for your execution.

Community voting

One of the most essential parts of decentralization is that everyone has an opportunity to vote on matters concerning the community’s growth. When you own CTK tokens, you can participate in voting. Voting ensures that the system is decentralized, distributing power within the community.


You may also enjoy rewards when you own this token. Like many other tokens, it may allow accessing some essential benefits for community growth and faster adoption. When you have access to more rewards, you earn more.
Staking: Another benefit is the staking opportunity. If you love staking, you should buy this token to stake and earn benefits.

Should You Invest In CTK Token?

Investing in CTK tokens is a choice you need to make yourself by conducting adequate research and deciding if you can manage risks appropriately. Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, they may be too risky for some people. Still, cryptocurrencies are another way to supplement your income, so ensure you understand the coin’s growth patterns and other essential parts to predict future price movements.

The recent market crash took a toll on the $CTK token, hence the downtrend in prices visible in figure 1. Prices managed to recently break the downtrend and are trying to reverse upwards. Of course, if the entire crypto market continues to crash, hopes of having higher prices will not realize.

CTK/USD chart since November 2021 to-date - Certik crypto
Fig.1 CTK/USD chart since November 2021 to date – coinmarketcap

Where Can You Buy Certik?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Certik is only available on some platforms. This means that you cannot purchase Certik on every exchange out there. One of the most popular exchanges where you can buy Certik is Binance.

Binance has listed Certik token, helping users access and buy their favorite token. Other popular exchanges include, where you can readily access your favorite tokens.


Certik chain is a network that focuses on improving security in blockchains and other aspects of the digital economy. Artificial intelligence can check correctness during the execution of smart contracts or protocols. It’s safe to add that security is essential for every business to improve growth and ensure the required expansion to meet goals. When networks have adequate security protecting them, they can fight against Intruders and other bad actors hoping to get ahold of your cryptos.

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Everything You Need To Know About Certik Crypto and $CTK token  

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