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Top 3 Reasons why Bitcoin Crashed Again in 2022

The Bitcoin price had to accept another downward slide and fell below the $ 40,000 mark. Bitcoin price had previously surged above $43,000 and then suddenly plummeted sharply down to a current price of $ 35,000. What were the reasons for the rapid descent in the last few hours? Let’s talk about 3 probable causes for this Bitcoin crash 2022.

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#1 Bitcoin Crash 2022 – Failure to Break 43K level

The Bitcoin price briefly rose above $43,000 yesterday. However, the joy was short-lived. The price dropped again particularly quickly. First, it went down to $41,000 where a brief consolidation occurred. When it appeared that the support level wouldn’t hold, the price fell below $40,000 again.

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Top 3 Reasons why Bitcoin Crashed Again in 2022  

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