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XYO Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

Oracle network tokens are a popular long-term growth bet, but many of them carry hefty price tags in triple digits – something XYO price prediction 2022 is capitalising extensively. Since its performance in 2021, very little has changed in the investment thesis of this crypto. 

XYO crypto delivers significant exposure to some great growth prospects with the added advantage of being accessible to portfolios of just about any size. It earns a solid consensus buy rating for sharing the possibility of building location-based data networks on shared incentives. 

XYO Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this XYO price prediction 2022, XYO crypto was trading at $0.02174, according to price data on CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the network at this price was nearly $280 million, fully diluted to over $300 million. 

XYO network presents a unique combination of distributed networking and geospatial technologies to deliver a localization feature to blockchain applications, thereby allowing them to operate as a local business. 

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What sets this network apart and adds a competitive factor to this XYO price prediction is the concept of proximity. In sum, think of XYO is a powerful means for an application to be discovered by, interacted with, and even transacted with the community it serves. 

XYO Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

After a choppy trading season in 2021, XYO ended the year, having wiped out most of the gains made in the year. This token is keeping investors on edge in 2022; traders remain focused on XYO price prediction 2022, though expectations are mixed. 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
January 2022$0.03389$0.02108$0.03665
December 2021$0.05281$0.03389$0.05368
November 2021                $0.0306$0.05281$0.07945
October 2021$0.02753$0.0306$0.04392
September 2021$0.01243$0.02753$0.05962
August 2021$0.006177$0.01243$0.01639
July 2021$0.005573$0.006177$0.007023

XYO crypto price is bouncing off a confluence of support, suggesting that an uptrend is likely. Investors can expect XYO to face a minor blockade before reaching the next significant hurdle; a breakout from this level could kick-start a significant ascent. 

Since the start of 2022, XYO has dropped by nearly 30% and is currently testing the 100-day SMA at $0.02258 present inside the daily demand zone that extends from $0.01930 to $0.02655. The confluence of two support levels validates the idea of an upcoming uptrend. 

Traders can open long positions at the current level – $0.021 and anticipate a 23% move to $0.0280. If this bullish XYO price prediction 2022 momentum is enough, XYO will clear this hurdle and make a run for the $0.03192 ceiling.

XYO Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

There is a lot of buy-stop liquidity resting above this barrier that will make an attractive target for market makers who will likely want to see XYO through it. In such a scenario, traders could book profits at a $0.03192 ceiling.

Alternative XYO Crypto Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

While things are looking bullish for XYO crypto price, a breakdown below the 100 days SMA at $0.02258 will indicate increased selling activity. In this case, a daily candlestick close below the demand zone of $0.01931 lower limit will result in a lower low.

XYO Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

This XYO price prediction 2022 will invalidate the bullish thesis and test the resilience of the support level at $0.01930. Traders should consider placing their stop-losses order at this level. This bearish development could see XYO crypto price revisit 200-day SMA at $0.01250.

XYO Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

There are plenty of challenges facing XYO crypto price prediction right now, but some popular forecasting systems and crypto trading professionals say this token could serve as a steady hand for portfolios. Here are some XYO crypto market opinions: 

XYO Price Forecast for February – March


TradingBeast seems to be leaning towards a bullish XYO price prediction with a forecast that builds on the support level that could see the coin revisit a previous resistance barrier. This XYO price forecast for February – March eyes buys stop liquidity above $0.028 as it shoots for $0.036.


CoinArbitrage invalidates the bullish XYO price forecast for February – March by suggesting the upside for XYO may have capped at the current support level. Any move beyond this hurdle will be undone violently, sending XYO crypto to text $0.019, a 13% drop. 

XYO Price Prediction for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor targets a 100% recovery as XYO crypto consolidated to form a base. After suffering a fatal crash in 2022, this XYO price prediction for the rest of the year anticipates a resurgence of buying pressure that could see XYO rally for $0.06087. 


DigitalCoin predicts XYO has found a massive support level that has stopped the downtrend in its track and will result in a quick bounce. According to this XYO price forecast for the rest of the year, XYO has set up a base, resulting in relief and rally to test $0.05.  

XYO Price Forecast for the Next Year


Gov.Capital eyes a breakout as XYO has been teetering off a crucial support level since mid-January. This consolidation, according to the XYO price forecast for the next year, is vital to trigger a new leg-up for XYO crypto.

PricePrediction XYO price prediction suggests the token is plagued by a lack of volatility, but nonetheless, investors can expect XYO to see a minor run-up over the course of a year. It eyes a test of $0.034. The XYO price forecast for the next year predicts XYO could trade around $0.028. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Quest_for_trading is holding a position as XYO crypto trades at the bottom of a previously established pitchfork. This forecast eyes higher valuation as a minor retracement will face rejection at the support level, leading to a sharp correction for $0.03. 

JohnnySecretz eyes $0.055 even as XYO prices have dropped to a crucial support level at $0.020. From here on, any movement below this level is highly unlikely, according to this forecast, projecting a sharp correction that is likely to surge by 36%. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning XYO

XYO crypto was recently listed on Coinbase on a limited rollout at first, but the token is now available in the United Kingdom, exposing to liquidity from European traders. The token is also available on the Coinbase app, you can withdraw crypto from Coinase to Paypal instantly

At the same time, XYO crypto was also listed on website and app trading platforms. This string of listing offers a glimpse at the changing fortunes of XYO as investors begin to realize the appeal and potential resting on XYO price prediction 2022. Unfortunately, you can’t buy XYO with Moonpay. As good news XYO is supported on Trust Wallet, as you can see in this Trust Wallet review. If you read the review you can see that XYO is available on this exchange.

XYO Price Prediction


How Much Will XYO Be Worth?

XYO has a diverse list of price targets from crypto investors. Traders have remained bullish, for the most part, but experts are taken turns claiming the price target could range from the current support floor at $0.019 to as much as $0.055. 

What Is the Max Supply of XYO?

The circulating supply of XYO cryptocurrency is around 12.84 billion. 

Is XYO a Good Investment in 2022?

XYO has faired much better compared to its crazier counterparts in the cryptocurrency market in 2022. With a long list of elevated valuations, XYO is certainly a good investment but is still subject to the volatile nature of the market.

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XYO Price Prediction: Verdict

Bear in mind, though, that the XYO price prediction thesis has not generated the kind of returns lately generated by other tokens. But at the same time, the risk involved in buying XYO tokens at the current support level is looking much less. 

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XYO Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions


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