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Cardano developer team says TPS is probably the least meaningful metric

Cardano developer team says TPS is probably the least meaningful metric 13

IOHK explained that comparison between two blockchains is a regardless point of view because of different standards of crypto blockchain network from each other and high scalability is not everything.

Cardano is currently a 6th ranked smart contract blockchain Network in the crypto industry by 24 hours trading volume. This coin is known for its potential development works, to push blockchain technology in real use cases for businesses. Input-output Hong Kong global (IOHK), a team behind the Cardano project, is working continuously to achieve that level of success in the industry, where Ethereum is standing as a public blockchain.

Recently IOHK published a blog on Cardano blockchain comparison analysis-based questions, which keeps criticizing Cardano blockchain Network for no reason. 

Through the blog post, IOHK noted that Cardano was already entered in the Basho phase, where the IOHK team denied accepting the Scalability meaning in millions of transactions per second. 

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“Amongst all those available, TPS is probably the least meaningful metric to consider as a means of comparison.”

Further explained that transactions occur in different sizes and shapes on different blockchain Networks. So here conclusion of the Scalability metric differentiation in between two networks is the point, which is almost regardless.

“Using TPS as a metric within the same context (for example, to compare two versions of the Cardano node) is meaningful. Using it as a means of comparison between blockchains isn’t.”

By keeping this thing under significant notice, IOHK will focus on the throughput, finality, and concurrency of the Cardano Blockchain network. And also such metrics are more important to compare different platforms. 

In particular, IOHk explained Concurrency and said that under the Concurrency ability of the network, different actors can perform their works without causing any issues against each other. 

It is interesting to note that Cardano is working on the Hydra concept, which will help to Cardano blockchain Network to achieve 1 million TPS in the future but here Cardano team doesn’t want to give preference to this quality of the network, instead they want to work more precisely without any limitations or restrictions for the blockchain users. 

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Cardano developer team says TPS is probably the least meaningful metric

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