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Is Axie Infinity Still Big In 2022?

In 2021, many blockchain-based games came into the spotlight, allowing players to make money from playing with games. This made Axie one of the most popular games globally. Players played games while getting rewards, which is a fundamental part of the play to earn games.

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Blockchain-based video games were not the only ones in the digital asset space with a great 2021. For one, non-fungible tokens became the new gold. Inventors became interested in buying digital art and other pieces to make profits. While investors made a lot of money through NFTs, many artists also sold their art pieces for money. This created an avenue to reward talent with attractive price tags. Many digital artworks have been auctioned to be sold at some of the most exclusive auction houses.

Axie game pvp or adventure mode

What Is Axie?

Axie is a blockchain-based video game that leverages NFTs to reward players. While many blockchain games existed before NFTs came into the limelight, many use the technology to better gameplay. Axie was one of the first to use non-fungible tokens as a part of the game. Even after the NFT hype when down, it remained one of the most played games.

Developed by Sky Marvis, it is a game where you can battle, collect and earn. Also, the game has almost 3 million active players, making it one of the largest games worldwide. According to the official website, users can decide to build a collection. It added that Axie Infinity utilizes a technology called the blockchain. Blockchain technology has existed for a while, and many developers have found interesting uses for it. In one dimension, some use it to create NFTs. They leverage it to create a play-to-earn game in another space.

How Does Axie Work?

Getting Started

Playing Axie is not free. However, it’s still cheaper than most video games. One of the major benefits Axie has over mainstream games is the ability to resell your NFTs for money. Unlike most games on PlayStation, you get to benefit from your wins through your non-fungible tokens. With this, you play and earn.

Axie is essentially a game about cute monsters who battle. So, if you love games involving battles and hunts, you may enjoy Axie. Like most blockchain-based games, it runs on Ethereum—one of the most popular blockchains existing. Also, the game has a sidechain called Ronin to help reduce transaction fees. Transaction fees are usually a common problem when using Ethereum. The blockchain charges a lot for most transactions because of the workload.

Fortunately, the sidechain minimizes fees to enable players to enjoy gaming while supplementing their income. You can also battle through two ways. One, you can battle with the computer. The computer consists of a team, which would battle against you. Also, you can decide to battle with other humans through the internet. This helps you interact with humans globally.

Understanding The Game

The game is like most play-to-earn games on the space. It leverages blockchain technology and also utilizes NFTs. An interesting aspect of the game is your ability to breed Axies. Axies can be sold as an NFT, and one of the most expensive Axies sold for $820,000. Breeding allows you to make more money through the creation of Axies.

While everything might seem exciting, you need to understand some fundamental parts of the game before playing. For one, you need to purchase three Axies to start your own team. You can easily buy this on an NFT marketplace to start your gaming journey. Most Axies are sold for about $200, so you need around $600 to create your team.

It’s safe to mention that you can sell your Axies to generate profit. So, let’s say you bought an Axie for $200; you can decide to sell it at a higher price to profit from your purchase. The more often you play the game, the more you learn about gameplay and how to earn your favorite NFTs. The rarer the non-fungible token is, the higher the bids will be on it. This makes it an easier way to earn through gaming.

What Makes Axie Different?

Axie is different in a lot of ways. First, it was one of the first few play-to-earn games that utilized NFTs when they came into the spotlight. When the NFT hype started, not many understood the appeal behind the sector, but Axie helped it gain popularity. Because of this unique feature, many gamers opted for Axie for gaming.

Also, this game has a lot of players. When talking about some of the most popular games on the internet, it’s essential to mention Axie Infinity. This game has almost 3 million users and an NFT transaction volume of over $2 billion. With more volumes come better liquidity, which is important for blockchain games.

Axie Infinity Game Potentials

Axie Infinity has a lot of potentials to grow and control higher volumes. While the hype surrounding blockchain-based games is cooling off, many users still play this game for its attractive rewards. In 2021, this game was one of the few games that utilized NFTs, profiting from the huge interest in non-fungible tokens. Today, Axie Infinity is looking to explore the metaverse.

Metaverse is one of the relatively new concepts in the digital asset world. While the word is not new, its development is becoming more profound, especially as interests create a world accessible through a medium. Humans can only access metaverse through technology, such as the internet. Many developers utilize virtual reality technology to create another world. Some games allow people to sell lands and collect rent in houses on metaverse. This shows that the internet has shifted towards the metaverse and Axie Infinity is prepared for that shift.

AXS is Axie Infinity’s native token. Users utilize the token for various parts of the game. Today, AXS is one of the top metaverse cryptocurrencies in the space. Players need AXS to buy Axies; without owning three Axies, you cannot battle with others, thereby limiting your means of getting rewards.

New Axie Release

The new Axie Infinity update may come with attractive new changes for gamers. For instance, Sky Mavis explained a change of interface, making it more user-friendly. Also, new special effects and a free starters Axies. This may make the game more accessible to users, especially as Axies grow more expensive. The developer wants the game to be readily available for a larger audience. However, the official release date has not been announced. Still, this exciting development may bring larger volumes into the game.

Axie game

Axie Infinity Road Map

Axie Infinity plans to introduce many changes to gameplay and graphics in 2022. This may help gamers enjoy better graphics and options for an enjoyable experience. Despite the growing numbers of play-to-earn projects, it remains one of the most successful. While Axie Infinity had an influx playing the game in early 2022, it also increased interest for Axie Infinity Land. This is not surprising, particularly because Facebook and other top companies are interested in the metaverse.

To ensure a better user experience and a larger number of users, it plans on implementing some plans. One of the newest updates on the Axie Infinity space is AXS staking. While the developers launched this new update in late 2021, many are still yet to utilize this opportunity to increase their rewards.

Every user can stake the blockchain-based game’s native token. Staking is an essential part of the cryptocurrency industry. It gives users an avenue to support the project and also increases rewards. The reward includes more AXS tokens, which you can sell for fiat currency. Another aspect it wants to improve on is gameplay. While the gameplay update was previously slated for 2021, the team pushed it to 2022 to provide the support users deserve.

Also, the developer hopes to release Lunacia SDK Alpha before the end of 2022. With this update, users will create games. Also, the game may support mobile devices soon as the team hopes to create a mobile application for this game.

Where To Buy AXS

AXS is readily available on numerous exchanges. So, if you want to buy this digital asset, you can choose to buy it from the trading platforms below:

  • Binance: You can readily buy AXS from Binance, which is also one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
  • Coinbase: Coinbase is another well-known platform from which you can buy AXS and other tokens.

AXS Price Prediction – Will Axie Token go up?

AXS has performed well over the past few months, even as the digital asset space is exhibiting a bearish trend. Despite starting 2021 as an undervalued token, it grew to an impressive stage by the end of 2021. While it currently trades at $50, it can reach as high as $200 with the right market conditions.

AXS/USD chart showing the current price on a support
AXS/USD chart showing the current price on a support level – TradingView

Axie Infinity Guide
Axie Infinity Guide© Cryptoticker

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