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Top 5 WORST Cryptos in February…Did yours make the list?

Unprecedented demand for goods and services in the US market has pushed the prices to go off the roof. For the first time in nearly 40 years, inflation in the US breached the 7% mark. As a result, to put an end to the misery, the Fed has started tapering with plans to reduce asset purchases in 2022 by nearly $30 billion. As a consequence, even the crypto market had its worst crypto fall significantly in prices.

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The repercussions due to this have been evident in other related markets like stocks and cryptos where we have been noticing long red candle formation in the past couple of weeks. With S & P index nosediving and cryptocurrencies gasping for breath, some of the tokens have outsmarted peers in terms of worst performance this week. So without an intention to alienate whosoever invested in these cryptos, let’s have a quick look at some of the worst-performing crypto this week. 

Worst 5 Cryptocurrencies of the Week 

#1 Harmoney ONE  

One Token did enter the crypto market with a promise initially to scale blockchains and provide an infrastructure for NFTs and DeFi to grow linearly. Despite the claim, the much-talked-about 4-shards that created hype among NFT projects in the midst of skyrocketing Ethereum gas fees failed to capitalize on the market sentiment. Investors’ positive outlook had consolidated for Harmony’s one token much earlier despite revolutionary consensus mechanisms like EPOS or Effective Proof of Stake. 

The token has lost 30.2% of its value to feature on the list of worst-performing cryptos this week. On January 31 2022, the One token was trading at $0.1866. Fast forward to 17 days and we have seen no up movements at all.  Prices have dipped further with no signs of revival anytime soon.

Worst Crypto - ONE/USD 4-hours chart
Fig.1 ONE/USD 4-hours chart – TradingView

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#2 Yearn.Finance YFI

When a DeFi protocol automatically allows you to aggregate overall price movements and pick trades on your behalf, it is a relief that amateur or new investors would battle to try. Yearn.Finance entered the crypto realm with the same solution; however, things hadn’t been sunshine and rainbows for the protocol where the token prices have depreciated by almost 31.8% this past week. If you have bought YFI token as your preferred portfolio, it wasn’t a good week for you. But one can hold on to bright days ahead for sure. 

Worst crypto - YFI/USD 4-hours chart
Fig.2 YFI/USD 4-hours chart – TradingView

#3 Polygon MATIC

Matic recently raised $450 million from Sequoia Capital India to build Web 3.0 solutions. Despite providing additional support to Ethereum scaling in the midst of high gas costs, Matic’s performance remained abysmally under-recognized. The token has dropped by 36.1% which makes it the worst performing crypto even outpacing its peers like One Token and YFI included on the list. On January 1, Matic/Polygon was trading at around the $2.57 mark, however, within a month the token had depreciated to $1.79. 

Worst Crypto - MATIC/USD 1-hour chart
Fig.3 MATIC/USD 1-hour chart – TradingView

#4 Shiba Inu SHIB

Shiba Inu did ride on top of Elon Musk’s antics where he continuously supported meme tokens. The outcome led to an unprecedented rally last year. However, 2022 hasn’t been quite promising for the token. In February, the token dipped to new lows by registering a 37.2% write-off on its value. At the moment, Shiba Inu is 65% down from its all-time high of 0.00005 registered on May 10, 2021

SHIB/USD 2-hours chart showing the heavy decrease in prices
Fig.4 SHIB/USD 2-hours chart – TradingView

#5 Avalanche AVAX

In 2021, the Avax token gained 2800% due to its capabilities of processing transactions at a low cost with super fast speed. However, 2022 hasn’t started on a good note for the token since it has already registered 38.2% value write-off at the time of writing making it the top loser of February 2022. However, there’s some respite due to a slight recovery picking up lately. 

AVAX/USD 1-hour chart
Fig.5 AVAX/USD 1-hour chart – TradingView


All the above-mentioned tokens sank significantly in the past week. On the other hand, we can notice a very similar pattern, where prices fell towards a strong support area. Most tokens are currently around that specific important support. The coming days should determine the upcoming price-action of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin broke below 40K, and Ether also did break below the important price of 3K. Will altcoins manage to come back stronger and break away from the Bitcoin correlation?

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Top worst performing cryptos of 2022
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Top 5 WORST Cryptos in February…Did yours make the list?  

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