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Top Crypto Influencers To Rock 2022

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The global cryptocurrency market is worth $2 trillion at the moment. It has reached that level by providing solutions to problems that have otherwise plagued the world at present. For example, counterfeit medicines are a pressing challenge that on-chain blockchain validation solves. Financial inclusion has barriers to entry that DeFi solves. Likewise, artists and creators want to dodge intermediaries that the NFT market solves and business stores want a global presence at marginal cost, which the metaverse through its immersive experience solves using blockchain for trust and transparency. That’s a lot of problems and some unconventional ways to solve them.

Crypto Influencers: Helping the Crypto Community?

Hence, the euphoria building around crypto is justified; however, we couldn’t admit that it is the next big thing until it crosses a specific threshold level of adoption. At the moment, there are only 295 million people who are using cryptocurrencies. For a sector to establish itself as a disruptor or next big discovery, it has to have enough people using the solutions; only 1 out of 10 people in the world know about crypto, or using them doesn’t establish dominance.

The point here is to drive massive crypto adoption, what could be the key? Community building through crypto influencers is the answer that the crypto fraternity seeks. If more community building happens, it could simply speed up the process of discovery, knowledge, and awareness of crypto and various projects built around crypto. Jack Dorsey, the ex-CEO of Twitter says the community has a big role in driving crypto adoption. He, himself, believes in the technology because it is decentralized and the community drives it. 

Therefore crypto projects need to go full blast through crypto influencers’ collaboration for driving awareness, perception, and identifiability. The reason for the same is they have a strong fan following, reputation, and user base which would help them in making their project successful.   In this piece, we shall cover a few top ones of 2022 to help you get started with your vision. So, without any further ado, let’s look at them and see if they could be the ones we can rely upon for marketing and building knowledge around crypto in 2022. 

Top 5 Crypto Influencers of 2022

#1 Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan is a Swedish YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel Ivan on Tech. On his channel, he explains the technical and fundamental side of crypto to help people invest. On top of this, he also touches upon the core technology of blockchain and how it works. His programs like “Good Morning Crypto” are a hit among crypto folks. The channel not only has active users who want to learn about crypto but even startups and established crypto companies tying up with Ivan for their project promotion. Kasta is a most recent mention collaborating with Ivan on Tech for marketing. The project works around cross-border remittance at negligible fees. 

Ivan on Tech: Top Crypto Influencer

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#2 Lark Davies

Lark Davies is a familiar name in the crypto space for trading and analysis. On his channel by the name The Crypto Lark, Mr. Davies demystifies the working of various cryptocurrencies and how one can invest in them. Along with that,  one can also find a lot of explainer videos that could positively help in building crypto knowledge. 

Lark davis on crypto analysis on his channel the crypto lark. Top influencer

#3 Nicholas Merten 

We have another noteworthy mention, the “Data Dash” where Mr. Nicholas Merten explains all the fundamental and technical sides of crypto for driving adoption. Mr. Merten is not just restricted to trading; rather, he is a renowned engineer in the crypto space having been credited for building Project Genesis which is an open-source platform for developing blockchain technology. Mr. Merten has almost half a million followers on his channel who follow his content on a regular basis.

Nicholas Merten briefs on a $50,000 BTC on the Data Dash. Top crypto influncer of 2022

 #4 Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopolous could be well considered as a crypto crusader for a very long time. He has spent more than a decade in crypto. On his channel, he delivers keynote speeches, industry insights, trending tokens, and even paradigm shifts much anticipated within the crypto market. To understand the A to Z of blockchain, Mr. Antonopoulos could be the top pick for 2022. 

Andreas Antonopoulos debriefs on BTC future price action as a top crypto influencer of 2022

#5 Guy

Guy runs the channel Coin Bureau which has close to 2 million active subscribers. On the channel, Guy remains outright funny yet very witty and critical on the analysis of the entire crypto market. Those who want less noise of hype and more of the technical side and very interactive learning videos around crypto can look forward to the Coin Bureau, where users get daily reviews, views, and fundamentals of crypto presented in a simple and interactive manner. 

Top crypto influencer of 2022 Guy of CoinBureau

Almost all crypto influencers never forget to mention using a hardware wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies. Make sure you do that and if you want more knowledge moving forward, we cover such trending topics on our website daily. Stay tuned for more updates on Crypto Ticker. 

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Top Crypto Influencers To Rock 2022  

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