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Doggy Land Launches Thug Dogs NFT’s   

On 7th March, Doggy Land launches a new project -Thug Dogs NFT’s with a collection of 10,000 dogs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thug Dogs NFT’s will have a fair lunch and will be sold at 0.06 ETH.

About Thug Dogs NFT’s

Doggy Land, who releases Thug Dogs NFT’s, wants to grow a community of investors, and now the Thug Dogs’ project needs helpers in the community. Doggy Land wants to build around an amazing and unique community of like-minded people who genuinely love NFT’s and ’90s hip-hop culture. And this launch is a unique opportunity to unite people from all over the world around one project.

The Thug Dogs NFT project is a tribute to the ’90s and the hip-hop culture because the project owners believe that era passed quickly and was undeservedly forgotten too fast.

The NFT’s collection reunites 10,000 NFT dogs based in the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the stunning gangster style, straight out of the ’90s and ’00s. Each NFT dog has its own ’90s style bringing the atmosphere and taste of fashion of that time, which promoted originality and the attitude of being bold.

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To celebrate the golden years of hip-hop, the Doggy Land team has chosen to launch this collection of special NFTs very soon. So, the official launch will take place on 7th March, at 4 pm ET. At the launching event, the white list members will enter first, and then the access is open for the general public within available seats. The first participants will get access without queue and bonuses in the future.

The ideal moment to invest in NFTs are launches because the buying prices are the lowest. The 10,000 dogs will be sold at 0.06 ETH. Doggy Land underlines that it will be a fair launch, so the price will not increase or decrease during the sale. If an NFT holder were to resell the asset, the resale value could be significantly higher than its original price, depending on where consumers speculate its value. Doggy Land also announces that it will reward each community helper with NFT’s.

Doggy Land’s Vision

Doggy Land is a team that activates in the crypto area and wants to build communities that value NFT’s. Doggy Land plans to create more NFT collections in the future to reward and thank NFT holders.

You can learn more information about the launch on the official Doggy Land website and you can also follow them on social media, on Discord or Twitter to find out first about their newest releases.

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Doggy Land Launches Thug Dogs NFT’s   


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