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Charles Hoskinson Details IOHK’s “Roots” In Ukraine

Charles Hoskinson decided to share his thoughts as he always does. And it got existential. 


  • IOHK And Ukraine
  • Existential Questions

IOHK And Ukraine

Charles Hoskinson took to YouTube the other day, as he often does, to talk about what’s going on in the world. Except for this time, he began his dispatch without an update on Colorado’s weather. Which is fair. It didn’t feel appropriate to tell us how sunny it is there, all things considered.

“I wanted to make a video about Ukraine,” Hoskinson said. “As many of you know, Input Output is a global company and we have people all around the world.”

In Ukraine, specifically, the Cardano founder estimated they have 15 people on the IOHK payroll. This includes integral members of Team Veritas and the Plutus smart contract development core.

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Not to mention, he himself has visited the country many times over, speaking favorably about Kyiv and Odessa, and the “Bitcoin Incredible” parties.

“The people of Ukraine have tasted freedom for the past few decades from a brutal regime: the Soviet Union,” Hoskinson said. “And have tried their best — sometimes succeeding, sometimes not — to become an independent free democratic nation.”

“Russia revisiting the past and annexing Ukraine, it tastes of imperialism of a different era when there were kings, dictators, emperors…”

Existential Questions

So it’s no surprise the Russian invasion has left Hoskinson asking existential questions. “What kind of world do we want to live in? Do we want to live in a world where 1 o’clock in the morning we’re seeing videos on Twitter of aircraft bombing places?”

Hoskinson added, “The wars aren’t gonna stop. They are gonna get worse. The world isn’t going to wake up and magically get better… the only way it gets better is if we collectively decide that we’ve had enough… the only technology that I know of that has the capacity to do that is what we build as an industry.”

As we’ve seen so far, crypto has played a pivotal role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Both good and bad— technology is neutral after all. But at least cryptocurrency offers something different than what we have now:


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Charles Hoskinson Details IOHK’s “Roots” In Ukraine

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