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Cardano founder and Paris Hilton contributes to recreate Mammoths animal

Cardano founder and Paris Hilton contributes to recreate Mammoths animal 2

Charles Hoskinson and Paris Hilton shifted their investment support in the recreation of a giant animal, Mammoths, back into life.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain and also CEO of Cardano-backed Developer team IOHK. However Charles is a mathematician and also a software engineer, who contributed enough to the crypto Industry through his Cardano project, but he remains active in many human life-friendly non-crypto initiatives. 

Colossal is a project, which was set up by Harvard Medical School’s professor Mr. George Church in 2021. Besides a professor tag, George is also a businessman in his life. Through the Colosso project, he aimed to bring Mammoths into life again. The church has been working on this project for more than 10 years and it is enough for him to conclude the chances of success. 

In the Colosso project, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Paris Hilton invested. So these two popular personalities are in support to help such initiatives in favour of animal lives.

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The Mammoth is a prehistoric animal, which is not in existence in the present time but its DNA is still in existence. The team of the Colosso project believes that they can bring Mammoths to life perfectly. 

However, Charles didn’t reveal the fund amount of investment in this project but he said that Blockchain technology may help this project to a better extent to get better results. 

Cardano supports  Initial Tree Offering (ITO)

In 2020, the Cardano foundation launched Initial Tree Offering (ITO) in collaboration with Veitree. 

It was a unique concept-based crypto project in crypto history, which was giving 1 tree token in return for 1ADA donation. Veitree crossed more than 553,900 tree plantations with this initiative. 

In January 2022, the US subsidiary of Samsung partnered with Veitree to plant 2 million Mangrove trees in Madagascar. 

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Cardano founder and Paris Hilton contributes to recreate Mammoths animal


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