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Kyrgyz MP proposes to launch a national digital currency

Kyrgyz MP proposes to launch a national digital currency 2

Kyrgyzstan seems closer to seeing the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country at a better level. 

Kyrgyzstan is a crypto-friendly country but laws are not enough to push the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. Under the proposed crypto bill, all the crypto companies are regulated perfectly and the crypto mining industry is also included to do mining operations in the country. But lack of legality on the enhanced circulation of digital assets, the crypto & blockchain industry not evolving more fastly. 

Karim Khanjeza, Member of Parliament (MP) in Kyrgyzstan, passed statements in favour of a more friendly crypto regulation framework. 

During the parliamentary committee meeting on law and order and combating corruption, Karim said that there is a need for amendments that can incorporate the virtual assets Market because “nothing is growing as fast as cryptocurrency.”

The MP also said that the country is currently in a situation where it can take benefits from cryptocurrencies and also proposed the idea to launch the country’s native digital currency. 

The MP noted that national digital currency should be developed by the country and that it should be overlooked by the National Bank. Through this statement, MP asserted to work on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs) to create a digital form of the sovereign fiat currency of the country. 

This Central Asian nation assumed itself as a highly crypto-friendly country because under the laws and rules of the country Bitcoin transactions are allowed under the commodities law. Country’s law considered Bitcoin as a commodity. However, it may be strange for some people of other countries but still it is much better than the rules existing in few other countries where transactions of Bitcoin-like assets in the form of payment are illegal. 

Last year the crypto industry of Kyrgyzstan saw some crackdown orders on crypto mining operations because of a significant increase in illegal mining operations, which resulted in an energy crisis. 

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Kyrgyz MP proposes to launch a national digital currency


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