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Mexican Billionaire says bitcoin law of El Salvador have huge potential

Mexican Billionaire says bitcoin law of El Salvador have huge potential 4

Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas had a meeting with El Salvador’s Bitcoin-friendly president Nayib Bukele.

Ricardo Salinas is a Mexican Billionaire, who is popularly known as the Wealthiest person in Mexico and also the owner of a Bank, which supports bitcoin. Ricardo is himself a big fan of Bitcoin, that is why he integrated Bitcoin into his Bank services. 

Just a couple of days ago, the El Salvador president notified the Bitcoin Community that he will have a meeting with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao but his meeting was not limited to Binance CEO only. In the meeting, Samson Mow and Ricardo Salinas and also there were some other popular personalities.

During the flight time period, Mr journalist Max Keiser covered Ricardo Salinas, who was holding a book “The Book of Max”. 

Max reported that during the flight, Mexican billionaire noted that the rules and regulations of El Salvador on bitcoin law can be used to make El Salvador a hub for the global financial system and further that will give better advantages to the citizens and El Salvador’ GDP. 

When the party reached El Salvador then the whole pleasant situation of that time can be seen in the tweet below. 

Meeting turning toward a new initiative 

However not much is known about this meeting because everything that the crypto community knows is still under a private domain. However, everything was in the open but the main purpose of the meeting of Bitcoin & crypto proponents with the El Salvador president is hinting that El Salvador is going to make some more decisions and also an inflow of crypto & blockchain startups to make El Salvador a hub of crypto. 

When the first time El Salvador announced its Bitcoin law then at that time many companies showed huge interest in crypto. The majority of them were eager to launch services in El Salvador to become the mainstream adoption service in the Bitcoin network of El Salvador, under compliance to take huge benefits with their first-mover advantage.

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Mexican Billionaire says bitcoin law of El Salvador have huge potential


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