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MicroStrategy CEO says if you don’t understand money then won’t understand Bitcoin 

MicroStrategy CEO says if you don't understand money then won't understand Bitcoin  12

Michael Saylor hinted the crypto and non-crypto industry toward a logical thing where people are not focusing on money (fiat system). 

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence software firm. This firm itself is a genius with its strategy to support and hold Bitcoin as a reserved fund of the company. In the last few years, Microstrategy collected around a total of 125,051 bitcoins on the balance sheet of the company. 

Micheal Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, is the main mastermind behind the plan of Bitcoin accumulation to add to bitcoin on the balance sheet of the company. Micheal believes that Bitcoin is the only hope for big companies in the future. 

On 20 March, Micheal tweeted a line to force people to understand the logic of the money system, so that later people can try to think more perfectly about Bitcoin. 

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“If you don’t understand money, you won’t understand #bitcoin.”

Michael Saylor wrote

In response to this tweet of Micheal, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also responded by quoting the tweet of Micheal. 

All these tweets of two legends of Bitcoin supporters, created a better force for the people to understand Bitcoin Money. 

Money & Bitcoin 

According to the basics of “money”, money is power or potential of fiat currency, which can purchase things in the real world. 

In the present time War, the Federal Reserve hike in interest rates, Inflation, etc are causing a huge downfall in the value of fiat currencies including degradation in the value of the US dollar, which is the highest powerful economy-based currency. 

Here Micheal Saylor and Changpeng Zhao indirectly suggested people go with the decentralized nature-based currency (Bitcoin), which has very high power against inflation and is also a better option in terms of the payment system, which is outside the boundary of any country.

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MicroStrategy CEO says if you don’t understand money then won’t understand Bitcoin


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