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Minswap announces its debut on Cardano mainnet ecosystem

Minswap announces its debut on Cardano mainnet ecosystem 14

Minswap decentralized crypto exchange finally launched on the Mainnet Cardano Blockchain. 

Cardano is a popular smart contract-enabled blockchain, which is popularly known as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain network. However, increasing competition is causing a big lack of popularity for Cardano to evolve as a leading blockchain network but still, development activities by the developer team behind the Cardano project are showing that soon Cardano will be the top blockchain in the crypto industry for micropayment systems in decentralized medium.

After the introduction of smart contract features in the Cardano blockchain last September, the Cardano ecosystem saw a huge inflow of Defi projects development activities. In the last week of January, Cardano already crossed a total of 1,000+ Defi Protocols development in its ecosystem.

On 8 March, Minswap, Multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano chain, announced its official launching in the Cardano ecosystem.

Now all the users can deposit funds in the Minswap protocol to get rewards and also users can swap tokens in a decentralized way.

Yield farming is not available right now but it will start from 14 March for all users.

Minswap & controversy

Before the Alonzo Hardfork in Cardano blockchain in September, the Minswap protocol announced its debut in the Cardano Blockchain network through the deployment of its protocol on the Cardano testnet.

But during its initial phase of deployment and testing on the Cardano testnet, concurrency occurred, which restricts the swap of tokens. On this topic, many people claimed that Cardano blockchain Network’ smart-contract will be useless and its Cardano mainnet smart-contract feature will be like its testnet.

But later Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, clearly stated that nothing was going wrong and it is all about the Testnet related issue, not the mannet. And also he claimed that he was already sure about the FUD.

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Minswap announces its debut on Cardano mainnet ecosystem


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