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NFTs trade platform soon to be launch by Coinbase

NFTs trade platform soon to be launch by Coinbase 13

Coinbase exchange confirmed the launch of its NFTs platform in near future. 

Coinbase is a Nasdaq-listed public crypto exchange, which provides crypto services in almost every country. Due to its highly compliance-based crypto services, the exchange is standing at second rank in this industry, just after the Binance exchange. 

On 15 March, the official Twitter account of Coinbase NFTs ensured that the exchange was much closer to the launch of its NFTs trade platform. 

Through the tweet, Coinbase hinted that its development works have been completed and now it is working to provide initial NFTs liquidity on the platform, for this it is in talk with the hundreds of creators. 

However no exact date has been mentioned by the exchange but still, it confirmed that it may get introduced this month or maybe next month but surely the platform will be allowed to a few early users, who already signed up to access in the initial phase. 

Too late to NFTs Platform 

After the end of the ICOs Era in 2017, the crypto Industry saw the crypto NFTs concept in 2018. However, in the very starting majority of the people claimed that it is a unique concept to increase hype around a crypto asset and nothing, but later involvement of huge numbers of non-crypto celebrities in Crypto NFTs resulted in the biggest trend of the crypto Industry. 

NFTs concept completed more than 3 years in this industry and now it is much old but still has enough things to use in real life. But here the initiative of Coinbase exchange to launch the NFTs platform seems very late and probably chances to get success is very low. 

At present, the OpenSea platform is standing at the first rank in terms of highest NFTs trade marketplace but this year exchange saw a huge downfall in the trade volume for a few months and it is hinting that the trend for NFTs is getting down. 

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NFTs trade platform soon to be launch by Coinbase


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