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OnlyFans donates 500 Ethereum to Ukraine

OnlyFans donates 500 Ethereum to Ukraine 9

Video subscription popular platform donated a big amount of Ethereum funds to the Ukraine DAO. 

Today is 17 the day of the Russia vs Ukraine fight. In this ongoing war, Ukraine is facing a significant loss in terms of every factor because of its weakness against the Russian military. In support of Ukraine, many organizations, NGOs are donating funds to Ukraine. In this list of supporters, there is also the crypto industry, which donated more than $60 million worth of crypto assets to Ukraine. 

On 11 March, Coindesk reported that the Video subscription platform OnlyFans donated $1.3 million worth of Ethereum coin (500ETH) to an organization that is collecting funds for Ukraine officially, UkraineDAO. 

UkraineDAO is one of the more active decentralized autonomous organizations in support of Ukraine against Russia. Reportedly UkraineDAO collected more than $6 million worth of crypto donations for Ukraine through the sale of NFTs of Ukraine’s flag on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

Leonid Radvinsky, is a Florida-based Ukrainian-American businessman, pornographer, and computer programmer. He is also the owner of OnlyFans and MyFreeCams. This donation effort to Ukraine has been led by him.

He said:

“Given our strong personal ties to Ukraine, we wanted to support in a way which felt true to who we are at OnlyFans and which focused on getting aid and support to the Ukrainian people.”

Crypto going a better option for Ukraine and also for Russia 

In the present time, many people are taking help of Cryptocurrencies in Ukraine amid issues with the traditional banking services. And also Ukraine government is officially accepting crypto assets in the form of donations to boost the power of military forces against Russian military invasions. 

On the other hand, financial sanctions on Russia are leading to a huge discussion on the adoption of the crypto industry at a higher level by the Russian government to invade imposed financial sanctions. 

However, experts confirmed that it will not be easy for Russia to adopt crypto to bypass such sanctions but still to some degree there will be a probability that the Russian government may consider choosing cryptocurrencies support under such situations.

All these things are showing that crypto is helping the world in every situation.

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OnlyFans donates 500 Ethereum to Ukraine


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