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Past Dogecoin Creator says Dogecoin needs self-marketing

Past Dogecoin Creator says Dogecoin needs self-marketing 4

Billy Markus noted that Dogecoin needed marketing as a digital currency. 

Dogecoin is a popular meme coin, which is currently standing at 12th rank in the crypto industry in terms of 24 hours trade volume globally. However, the origin of this coin was fun to make but now this coin is standing at that level where it has support from the crypto industry like a flagship asset, thanks to the shoutout of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

On 29 March, Billy Markus, core Dogecoin developer who is no longer in the Dogecoin project, shared some serious thoughts on Dogecoin. 

Billy noted that Dogecoin needed to show itself to the world as a digital currency, not like a meme coin. And also asserted that already many features related specualtion have been made about it. 

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“#dogecoin needs to market itself as a digital CURRENCY. there’s already infinite digital speculation and digital utility tokens and chains, and pointless speculation tokens are made daily.”

Billy also noted that Dogecoin is in a better position in this industry as a coin, instead of many other popular coins, which can be used in payment use cases and also in tiping because of low transaction fees. 

“dogecoin is in the best position to be the most used for purchasing and tipping.”

For the Dogecoin supporters, Billy said that people should accept Dogecoin payment, to show the utility of Dogecoin in the payment options. In this way, we will be able to show the use case of Dogecoin to others. 

For the developers, Billy suggested developing codes for Dogecoin and submitting them to the Dogecoin GitHub account. 

However Dogecoin is known as a meme coin but from the point of view of the Dogecoin Creator, Meme coins are those which have no use cases and also every coin made on the BSC network. And also said that tokens that spread spam are also meme coins. Indirectly he targeted Shiba in the token.

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Past Dogecoin Creator says Dogecoin needs self-marketing


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