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Pitbull Capital CEO predicts Bitcoin to $100K in next 24 months maximum

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The chief executive officer of Pitbull Capital shared his stance on the current situation of Bitcoin and noted that Bitcoin is still bullish even at this moment.

In 2021 crypto industry saw a huge inflow of money and also a huge pump in almost every crypto asset, as per their potential. However many ups and downs came in 2021 like China’s ban on crypto $1 Trillion US infrastructure bill but still, all these were another side and the bull moment was another bullish side. But for this year experts think that the industry will not see that level of the pump.

Joe DiPasquale, Chief executive officer of Pitbull Capital, recently appeared in an interview with Cointelegraph YouTube. In the interview, he claimed that Bitcoin is still bullish. 

Joe said that Bitcoin is still on the path to touch $100,000 and it will probably hit this price within the next 2 years, no matter what the level of bearish sentiment is. 

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“I think 2023 is a safe bet. We might need some time during 2022 to take a breath and to kind of let out some of the steam.”

In the recent December to January ups and downs in the price of Bitcoin. Joe added: 

“We are reaching higher lows and even higher highs.”

The critical geopolitical situation between Russia and Ukraine showed a significant downfall with the equities market and further showed a better recovery with better potential, which hints that Bitcoin is the best asset as a “Digital Gold”. 

Joe noted that we should see Bitcoin as a currency not as a ” Digital Gold” because it is out of the control of Central banks and also it is in finite quantity.

“We need to see Bitcoin as not maybe digital gold, but as a currency that doesn’t follow the whims of a central bank, but rather has a very finite quantity.”

Pitbull Capital CEO also noted that people are using bitcoin in both situations, negative & positive circumstances, where Russia vs Ukraine was a better example for this situation.

Besides all these things he also claimed that Russia can’t use crypto to bypass the financial Sanctions imposed on it by the western countries.

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Pitbull Capital CEO predicts Bitcoin to $100K in next 24 months maximum


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