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Prediction of thousands Dapps on Cardano failed: Charles Hoskinson

Prediction of thousands Dapps on Cardano failed: Charles Hoskinson 16

Cardano founder agreed that his prediction was wrong because the target still didn’t reach as what he predicted 2 years ago. 

Cardano (ADA) is a 7th ranked crypto asset by 24 hours trading volume. This project is known as a better option as a highly secured Proof-of-stake consensus based blockchain Network. At the present time Cardano is in its initial phase of growth in terms of attracting Defi Protocols in its ecosystem. 

On 23 March, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano & CEO of IOHK, quoted a tweet of a user and noted that his own prediction, made around 2 years ago, on Cardano failed. 

According to Charles his prediction was expected to have thousands of DApps (Decentralized applications) and thousands of assets but in reality he failed to reach that target. 

However Cardano founder admitted that he was wrong with his prediction but his 50% prediction surpassed his Target. He predicted for 1000s of assets on Cardano but in reality millions of native assets have been issued, thanks to the NFTs protocol support feature in the Cardano ecosystem. 

Possible reasons behind the failure 

According to experts’ point of view, Cardano developer team IOHK did late to introduce smart contract features in the Cardano Blockchain. 

In september 2021, through the Alonzo Hardfork, IOHK introduced smart contract features in Cardano blockchain. And here after 6 month millions of tokens have been issued but the running Dapps number is low. 

Dapps are those things, which doesn’t only require to provide better user experience and interfere but also requires huge safety & security to the users, so it took time for developers to develop DApps or Defi protocols on any blockchain. 

In the present time, 7 Defi Protocols are running successfully, while 100 approx are under final phase. 

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Prediction of thousands Dapps on Cardano failed: Charles Hoskinson


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