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Prince Phillip of Serbia says inflation is inevitable, Bitcoin is solution

Prince Phillip of Serbia says inflation is inevitable, Bitcoin is solution 4

Prince Phillip of Serbia shared his stance on the current situations regarding Russia, Turkey and explained how Bitcoin is working very well in all.

Prince Phillip is the grandson of HM King Peter II and he is second in line to the throne after hereditary Prince Peter. At the present time, he is working as an analyst at an international asset management firm in London. Prince is a fan of cryptocurrencies, in particular, he is fond of Bitcoin as the best hedge against inflation.

Recently Prince appeared in a Serbian TV talk show. In that show, he talked about Bitcoin, Russia, Turkey & Inflation. 

When the discussion touched on the cryptocurrencies related matter then he explained the role and importance of Cryptocurrencies but later after a few lines, he changed his wording of Cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. 

Prince talked about Bitcoin with huge confidence and said that inflation-like things are very common, at least until our currency will remain in control of government agencies. In this way, he tried to hint the people to look at Bitcoin as an option against inflation.

“Well, we need to take the money away from the state.”

On the matter of inflation, he quoted the global financial crisis 2008 and also the latest Covid-19 pandemic situation where many countries faced inflation and also many countries are still facing inflation. 

“Especially since that last financial crisis in 2008 when the extraordinary stimulus has been pumped into the economies. And since then with the Corona pandemic, unprecedented amounts of stimulus have been pumped into the economy and, of course, where is this money going to go? It’s going to create inflation.”

According to Prince, it will be a better option to shift from government centralised currencies to hard currencies to fight against such situations. And also we need good solid currencies over fiat currencies.

Prince noted that Gold like assets are hard assets and better but present situations are not in favour of Gold like assets as currency, instead, Bitcoin is better to it because of ease to access and use.

Prince appreciated the concept of the 21 million Bitcoin supply and its ability against inflation. 

“With Bitcoin, you don’t have the freedom to keep printing. You have a cap of only 21 million bitcoins that are going to be produced. Therefore it’s never going to be an inflationary asset and this helps to protect people.”

Further, he said that Bitcoin is that currency, which gives freedom and he wants everyone to have bitcoin.

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Prince Phillip of Serbia says inflation is inevitable, Bitcoin is solution


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