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Shark tank star working with US senators on friendly crypto laws

Shark tank star working with US senators on friendly crypto laws 6

Shark tank star celebrity Kevin O’Leary confirmed that he did meeting with US Senators to introduce friendly policies for the crypto Industry.

Kevin O’Leary is himself a wealthy person in his non-crypto business with his wise strategy of investment ideas. And he is a popular celebrity at Shark Tank, so we can expect his level of experience in the investment market. He has also been active in the crypto industry for a few years. He keeps doing research himself on new crypto projects to invest in.

On 4 March, Kevin confirmed that he had a meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, which was hosted by crypto-friendly US Senate Cynthia Lummis’ Wyoming. 

Through the tweet, Kevin confirmed that lawmakers are making laws in favour of the crypto industry to open its portal for institutional investors. 

So all these things are going to provide very big liquidity for this market and further, it will increase the use cases for the Fintech crypto & blockchain payment network companies like Ripple to take advantage of this market.

Kevin appreciated the support of Cynthia Lummis to host the meeting. 

“Thank you, Senator Lummis, for hosting my bipartisan meeting with Senators on The Hill to discuss crypto policy. The good news is they are all over it and agree there is a tremendous opportunity once they pass policy.”

The policies on which they discussed and also did development are still under the private domain and it is expected that soon it will get disclosed to the public domain.

Cynthia Lummis’s contribution to bitcoin 

In the past, Cynthia showed huge support for the crypto Industry. In particular, she appreciated Bitcoin as the best asset in the world. 

Last month, Cynthia suggested the Federal Reserve to add Bitcoin to their balance sheet. 

Last year, Cynthia suggested people have retirement & pension funds in Bitcoin. 

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Shark tank star working with US senators on friendly crypto laws


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