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Start your Play-2-Earn career today! Will it be your day? – Aavegotchi starts in a few hours!

The official CryptoTicker Aavegotchi guild starts today at 2 pm UTC !!! – Play to Earn with CryptoTicker

  • We have >50 Aavegotchis and are looking for players
  • We pay you to play
  • We are one of the “official guilds”. For this reason, we have opened a Scholarship program. Means, we lend you one of our Gotchis and you can play with it and earn rewards. All you have to do is apply on this page.

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is developed by the company Pixelcraft Studios, on the liquidity protocol for DeFi, Aave. Through its game, Pixelcraft Studios seeks to unify the DeFi and NFT universe with unique crypto-collectibles that can be staked in DeFi for multiple benefits within these ecosystems. Aavegotchi has gained widespread popularity and recognition among active users and fans, who are drawn to its pixelated ghost avatars that feature original and innovative features and traits that provide them with unique in-game value.

Aavegotchi enjoys great popularity and recognition among active players and fans, who are attracted to the pixelated ghost avatars that have original and innovative features and characteristics that give them unique value in the game.


Play 2 Earn explained

Play 2 Earn, particularly in crypto-space, describes a genre of games that allow users to earn rewards while playing, which can then be exchanged for real money. In the past, while games have steadily evolved from arcade games to mobile and computer games, money could rarely be earned from them.

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People played for fun and not to get rewards. In the arcade era, gamers spent their money to play games. These games were known to require coins, so before playing your favorite games, you had to insert coins first. Since this was one of the first gaming media, consumers quickly took a fancy of it and spent their money to enjoy the game without getting any monetary value out of it.

Today, you no longer have to go to an arcade to access the gaming world, after all, there are now laptops, cell phones, and game consoles designed specifically for the needs of gamers. 

Play 2 earn games are widespread in the crypto-verse because they leverage blockchain technology to run seamlessly. This allows players to win rewards by playing the game and buying vital in-game assets to succeed on quests and other adventures. Game developers made this possible by starting to tokenize game items. While there are many different Play-2-Earn games in the crypto world, among the most popular are clearly Aavegotchi, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

CryptoTicker Scholarship Program

As an official Aavegotchi guild, we have decided to lend up to 50 of our gotchis to members who can then play with them and earn rewards (alchemicas). Your advantage as a player – you don’t have to own a Gotchi to play, you don’t bear any risks or costs and you earn money at the same time.


Your next steps

  1. Visit this page FIRST and sign up for the whitelist and join our Discord.
  2. Visit with your whitelisted Metamask wallet and click “Enter App”.
  3. You need to connect to the Polygon network.
  4. => If you don’t know how to set up Polygon RPC yet, you can find our instructions here
  5. Visit the page:
  6. You will find the gotchis we have listed, now click on “BORROW”.
  7. It is not required that you hold GHST in your wallet. But the Matic Network requires that you always have a few Matics in your Wallet as Gas Fees.
  8. We hope that most of you know how to supply your wallet with Matic. Otherwise, please send a DM with your wallet address to Crazy Crypto#3772 on Discord so we will be aware that we need to send you Matic as well….
  9. After you have the correct settings + Matic, you can finish the borrowing process. We will set the time for the beginning to 3-4 days.
  10. The default setting will be 50/50 profit sharing, without any costs. With active players and good results we will increase to 60/40 or even 70/30. So players will be able to keep up to 2/3 of everything they generate in the game without any costs or risks.
  11. At 2 pm UTC time, anyone with a borrowed Gotchi must visit the Gotchimap to participate here:

“So, what are you waiting for? Join the official CryptoTicker Aavegotchi guild today!”

aavegotchi staking© Cryptoticker
Start your Play-2-Earn career today! Will it be your day? – Aavegotchi starts in a few hours!  

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