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This year Cardano will perform better than Solana like blockchain

This year Cardano will perform better than Solana like blockchain 10

Charles Hoskinson shared the important moves that Cardano will achieve this year with the multiple network upgrades. 

Cardano is 8th ranked crypto asset by trade volume and now it is moving toward the top with its new upcoming update this year. Right now Cardano is not able to provide high-scale transactions like Solana but it is preparing its network to beat all the existing competition. 

Recently Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, appeared in an interview with Marco Monty Montemagno, the host of “InsideW3B”. 

Charles said that the team is focusing on three main factors of the Cardano blockchain, which are commercial comparability, sustainability, and self-determination. 

For the commercial comparability, the Team is working on the development works to bring huge scientific corrections & execllence in the network and for the same, all upgrades will take place this year. 

Interestingly, Cardano founder said that this year’s upgrade will introduce that level of ability and features in the Cardano Blockchain, which will provide high standards features like Solana. 

“you’ll get the same type of performance you’re seeing from systems like Solana and so forth. Or at least in the same orders of magnitude.”

Charles claimed that Cardano will be better in that situation over Solana-like blockchain because Cardano will provide more security over another blockchain.

“Not only do you get all the security, the correctness, the resilience, and a great three-million person community, but you also get the best of what competitors are bringing to bear.”

 Cardano founder also noted that besides the performance and scalability in the network, the upgrade will provide huge features in “terms of improvements in Plutus, side chains, pipelining… and there are some phenomenal applied research threads like Hydra.”

Based on such upgrades and improvements programs in Cardano, Charles is Bullish for the next upcoming June month of this year. 

On 12 March, Charles responded to a tweet on TVL of Cardano and noted that the Vasil hard fork of June will give birth to many Decentralized applications.

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This year Cardano will perform better than Solana like blockchain


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