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Ukraine accepting Dogecoin donations

Ukraine accepting Dogecoin donations 4

The Ukraine government is now officially accepting donations in popular meme coin, Doge, alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & Polkadot. 

In the present time Russia Vs Ukraine fight is going on. Both of these two countries are trying their best to win the war. Ukraine saw huge losses in this war because of its less potential against Russia, in terms of almost every factor whether it is financial or Armor collection. To support financially, the crypto community is donating crypto assets to the Ukrainian Government.

A few days ago, the official Twitter account of Ukraine announced the acceptance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. Now on 2 March, Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, announced that his country will also accept Dogecoin donations. 

Ukraine’s Vice-minister said that the value of Dogecoin is now up from the value of the Russian fiat currency Ruble. And in this situation meme coin Doge will support Ukraine financially against the invasions of the Russian military.

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In response to this initiative of Ukraine vice prime minister, Past Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus also responded and said that Dogecoin lovers are not very rich but surely the community Will help Ukraine under these situations at their level. 

Earlier this, Ukraine’s official Twitter account announced that the country started to accept donations in the Polkadot coin also. In response, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood donated more than $5 million worth of Dot coins.

Ukraine airdrop to the crypto community

On 2 March, Ukraine confirmed that it will give airdrop to all the people who donated cryptocurrencies to the Ukrainian Government under these situations, which are supporting the freedom for Ukraine against Russian invasions. 

However, it is unconfirmed what will be reward and what will be a form of airdrop but people are expecting that it will be a kind of new token or NFTs artwork. 

Today Ukraine will take a snapshot and then it will give airdrop. The date of the airdrop is still unconfirmed by Ukraine.

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Ukraine accepting Dogecoin donations


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