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US Congressman says Bitcoin mining will play a vital role in the USA

US Congressman says Bitcoin mining will play a vital role in the USA 2

The United States Government officials believed the Bitcoin mining industry may play an important role for the nation to move toward independence in recreation of energy.

In the present time, Bitcoin is standing at that level, where Bitcoin mining is not easy with small computable power as well as not easy to be lucky to get a reward from the Bitcoin network to solve the transactions calculations but mining at a big level is giving some better opportunities to those countries, which have an abundant amount of power/energies. In particular, El Salvador is working to use its volcano-based thermal power plant ecosystem for Bitcoin mining. Kazakhstan also took the opportunity of China’s crypto ban and welcomed the crypto mining companies to operate their crypto mining operations in the nation under friendly laws. 

On 21 March, Pete Sessions, a US politician, passed his pleasant words in favour of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining operations in US. 

This 67-year-old Republican said that the Bitcoin mining operator will play a critical role to provide a situation for the USA to rebuild energy. 

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Many Twitter users, from the Bitcoin community, responded to this tweet of US congressman and claimed that Bitcoin mining is better but you are 10 years late, while few users raised their voice against the lawsuit which is going on between US regulators & Ripple firm.

This pleasant tweet from Pete is getting support from crypto-friendly US senator Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming. Cynthia retweeted this tweet of Pete.

Cynthia Lummis holding Bitcoin since 2013. She purchased 5 Bitcoins at a $300 price in 2013. Now since the last few years, she is supporting bitcoin among government agencies, and also she is working to bring a bill to provide better clarity on the rules and regulations of the US on crypto companies. 

Last year, Cynthia suggested people to have Bitcoin in the pension funds. She also contributed to the controversial $1 trillion US infrastructure bill, where the definition of crypto broker was not in favour of the crypto future.

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US Congressman says Bitcoin mining will play a vital role in the USA


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