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Visa launches Creator program to push NFTs and blockchain adoption for businesses

Visa launches Creator program to push NFTs and blockchain adoption for businesses 2

Visa successfully launched its “Visa Creator Program” to push the blockchain and NFTs for the NFTs creators or NFTs related buisiness.

NFTs concept is now getting old for the crypto industry but still, many players are working on NFTs based development works to take the NFTs concept to the next level. On one side Coinbase exchange is launching its CoinbaseNFTs platform the other side Visa like companies are working to push awareness and use cases for newbies. These things are showing that there is still huge to come for the NFTs industry. 

On 30 March, Giant Card payment network Visa announced the official launch of its “Visa Creator Program”, which was initially proposed in October of last year. 

The main goal of this program Visa is to bring the creators or interested businesses engaged successfully in the NFTs industry with the support of Visa’s resources. 

An example of the latest sale of NFTs artwork of Johnson can be seen, which was done with the help of Visa. Success in the initial phase can be seen, where Johnson’s Art sold for $20.9 million worth of Ethereum. 

The head of the crypto department of Visa, Cuy Sheffield, commented on this new program of Visa and said that the company aimed to bring small and micro businesses to the Digital level of business and it can be done through NFTs because it has the potential to do the same.

“NFTs have the potential to become a powerful accelerator for the creator economy. This new breed of small and micro businesses tap into new mediums for digital commerce.”

Here with this program, Visa is not only giving its mentorship and community help but also it is giving full support through its networks of clients and partners to access the thoughts of the Web3 industry. So under the Creator program of Visa, businesses will get kick to get started with the next level of their business plan. 

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Visa launches Creator program to push NFTs and blockchain adoption for businesses


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