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WazirX CEO seems fully confident with newly Layer1 blockchain network: Shardeum

WazirX CEO seems fully confident with newly Layer1 blockchain network: Shardeum 8

Nischal Shetty showing huge confidence with the new under development crypto blockchain project Shardeum.

Nischal Shetty is founder and CEO of WazirX crypto exchange. Beside the executive position at WazirX, he remains active to push better adoption of the blockchain technology in India and also keep motivating the Indian crypto community with the ongoing development works in the industry. 

At the beginning of this week, Nischal wrote on twitter about the Shardeum Layer1 blockchain project. Through the tweet, Nischal confirmed that the Shardeum blockchain will be highly decentralized and infinitely scalable. 

Nischal noted that the current active numbers of crypto users will increase to 1 Billion in the next few years, so we need such types of decentralized solutions. 

“@Shardeum will be a sharded, infinitely scalable, completely decentralized L1 blockchain. In a few years Crypto will grow to over 1 Billion people. We want to provide a scalable, affordable & decentralized solution.”

Nischal also clearly stated the main talent behind this project, who is working on this innovative and unique blockchain invention since 2018. 

It seems that WazirX CEO is highly confident with this innovative blockchain Network project but probably there is something, which was missed by him. 

In last year, during an interview he said that they will work on the development of the Indian blockchain network but here he forgot to mention this tagline. This sounds that Wazirx CEO is not promoting and supporting that project, for which he was expecting to give the crypto Industry from the side of India. 

Overall all these things are hinting that Wazirx founder will give a better blockchain Network to the crypto Industry with Shardeum, more likely to Polygon network which is evolving as a competitor of Ethereum blockchain network. 

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WazirX CEO seems fully confident with newly Layer1 blockchain network: Shardeum


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