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World’s first crypto hardware wallet maker will support Cardano: Trezor Suit

World's first crypto hardware wallet maker will support Cardano: Trezor Suit 11

Crypto hardware wallet Trezor announced to support Cardano’s native token ADA through its official suite interface.

Trezor is a popular crypto hardware wallet product, which is known to provide full safety to people to hold their assets offline with full safety. This crypto wallet was designed and marketed by SatoshiLabs and is also known as the first crypto hardware wallet in the crypto industry. 

On 16 March, Trezor announced its upcoming upgrade to this month with Trezor Suit V-22.3.2. The new upgrade will support following things.

  • Full node via @ElectrumWallet servers
  • $ADA support + staking
  •  New @invity_io Sell providers
  •   localization

The most interesting thing in this upgrade is Cardano (ADA) support because, in recent months, Cardano’s ADA grabbed huge traction in the industry because of the huge Inflow of the numbers of Defi protocols in its ecosystem. And such increasing popularity continuously pushes big holders to hold ADA in safe hardware wallets for the long term, with more high safety with official services support.

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On 17 March, IOHK, the developer team behind the Cardano Blockchain project, shared his happiness on this support of Trezor wallet. 

Under this upgrade, all the users of Trezor will be able to hold, send, withdraw and also stake directly in Trezor Suit. 

“Cardano accounts are now available in Trezor Suite, allowing you to store and transact. Model T users can now manage Cardano transactions and staking directly in Trezor Suite. A guide to using Cardano and staking will be added to Trezor Blog in the following weeks.”

Interestingly here no new thing was added as a  feature because people were already able to stake and manage funds easily but here it is a kind of security because here wallet and suite will support together officially, otherwise earlier this Trezor users was able to do some things with third party wallet interface such as AdaLite or Yoroi. 

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World’s first crypto hardware wallet maker will support Cardano: Trezor Suit


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