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XRP Price confirmed at $1! Here’s when to Buy Ripple

In our last XRP price prediction, we already wrote that Ripple Price is on its way to reaching a price of $1. In this article, we reaffirm this trajectory by showing the current trend of XRP, and how our previous prediction is so far spot on. The first target is reaching the psychological price of $0.90. This goal has already been completed and the Ripple price chart looks very bullish at the moment. As a result, we expect a rally to the $1 mark as predicted before. Let’s see in this article what happened to XRP and how an XRP price $1 target is in sight.

Will Ripple reach $1?

Ripple price has risen to $0.91 since our last forecast. Shortly after reaching the target, the price corrected again and confirmed the former $0.85 resistance as resistance. That’s exactly how we expected the price to develop. With those two moves now complete, we expect a fresh move higher to $0.91 next. If this resistance breaks, the price could rally to the $1 level soon. After the Ripple price has reached the $1 mark, we expect another correction. This could hold again until the next support. This would be around $0.91. Price would confirm this level as support.


XRP/USDT 4-hours chart showing the uptrend of XRP
Fig.1 XRP/USDT 4-hours chart showing the uptrend of XRP – TradingView

After $1, Where will XRP go Next?

The Ripple price could soon correct the previous fall from $2. However, since this is on the weekly chart/monthly chart, this rise could last a bit longer. We anticipate a rise to the GoldenPocket of $1.45. However, with horizontal resistance ahead of the GoldenPocket at $1.31, we anticipate a bearish reaction there already.

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XRP/USD 1-week chart showing the potential further rise of XRP
Fig.2 XRP/USD 1-week chart showing the potential further rise of XRP – TradingView


When should you Buy XRP?

Since XRP reaching $1 is in sight, buying at psychological price areas is a good plan of action. The reason for that is that crypto prices tend to break those areas in uptrends and then revert back to them for support. Here’s a trade setup while XRP soars to $1:

  • Buy price: $0.90
  • Stop-loss price: $0.86
  • Take-profit: $1 or more!

You can even set a trailing stop-loss as the uptrend continues higher. Bear in mind not to place a tight stop in that case, especially when the market turns volatile.


Ripple Price
Ripple Price© Cryptoticker
XRP Price confirmed at $1! Here’s when to Buy Ripple  

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