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Yearn.Finance and Keep3r facing huge correction: Devs quit

Yearn.Finance and Keep3r facing huge correction: Devs quit 2

The developer of the Yearn finance and Kee3r decided to leave the crypto Industry and further it resulted in huge corrections in the project established by them. 

On 6 March, the developer of keep3r & Yearn. Finance, Andre Cronje, and his friend Anton Nell decided to close the chapter of the Defi crypto Industry contribution from their end. 

With this decision, a total of 25 Dapps will face termination from the Yearn.Finance, Keep3r Network, Solidly, and other defi protocols. The termination process will start on the 3rd of April. 

For a small hour interval of time, the native token of Yearn finance plunged by around 13%. Right now the price of YFI is $19606, which is 3% low over its last 24 hours trade price.

Yearn finance grabbed huge attention in the crypto Industry after the mid of 2020 but later it continuously faced downfall. Since one year, the price of YFI has dropped by approx 50%. 

Since 3 March, Fantom Protocol has lost a total value locked in its ecosystem of $3.35 billion. The native token of FTM also faced correction to around 13% because of this negative news impact. However, the departure of the Devs was not directly related with Fantom but their projects are related to each other. 

The bad news came for Solid token because its price crashed to around 60% in a very less time frame. At the time of writing this article, the price of a Solid token is $1.09 and this price is 64.3% down over the last 24 hours. 

Bitcoin has no CEOs

In the present time, Bitcoin is a most traditional and inefficient blockchain network but still, people have faith in bitcoin because bitcoin has no CEO, Founder, or any person, who is holding ownership of Bitcoin alone. 

Bitcoin is currently in existence fully under a decentralized medium and also showing its strength as a highest decentralized nature. 

These facts make Bitcoin a king of this crypto Industry and also these unique points about Bitcoin make people trust Bitcoin blindly.

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Yearn.Finance and Keep3r facing huge correction: Devs quit


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